Byron Bay Bluesfest Opens with a Bang

It’s day one on the ground at 2015’s Byron Bay Bluesfest and it feels like coming home. With the weather alternating between a light drizzle and a muggy mist the fashions on the field were a mix of trends. The ever-present gumboots and mud splattered docs were in fine form, but the persistent trend of tie-dye has made it’s way to Bluesfest.

The Opening Ceremony kicked off with the beautiful Arakwal dancers, who made a statement regarding the recent issue of indigenous community closures, saying ‘We say no to closing our communities and we say no to coal seam gases!’ Another artist who had something to say about our national energy issues was Mark Lang, from Melbourne band Skipping Girl Vinegar. Performing a solo set he told the story of a young boy, whose village was attacked and decimated by militia. The young boy lost his family and embarked on a boat to a faraway land of hope, and when he reached that land he is told ‘we don’t want you’. Mark finished the story by saying, ‘I have a little boy myself and I would hope that if he needed help people would greet him with open arms, and not just try to win elections’.

The day is still young and there are many more amazing acts to come. To keep updated with the latest photos and moments check out our Instagram here.

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