Byron’s Falls Festival – The first morning of 2016

The festival slowly woke this morning amid countless hangovers and scattered brains. Day two is set to be one of the biggest days of Falls Festival 2015/16, with the Forest stage now open and the Valley stage set to reopen around 3pm this afternoon.


Triple J Unearthed winner Banff scored the honour of opening the Forest stage for the festival. Banff has been lucky enough to have his debut EP heavily rotated on triple J, and his interview with triple J host Zan Rowe earlier this year highlighted just why this artist is so unique. His trademark sound filled the tent with waves of sonic bliss that eased the punters into Bootleg Rascal.

Bootleg Rascal-1

Sporting old-school, 1960’s styled electric-yellow aviators, Bootleg Rascal vocalist Carlos “QDome” danced around on stage with enough energy to put many artists to shame. The band melded reggae, hip-hop and rock into a cohesive set that piqued the interest of many punters, who braved the incoming heat to dance under the safety of the Forest stage’s tent.

Goons of Doom-3

Goons of Doom kept Bootleg Rascal’s energy up as they played their own brand of punk-rock and surf-rock. Each member featured a distinctly unique clothing piece, whether it be a coonskin cap or a pair of shades that conjured up images of Kurt Cobain. The crowd lapped up the frenetic rock and moshed along as if they had enough energy to keep up the pace for the rest of the day.

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