CAKES: Prescription Buggin’

Cakes band, Gold Coast

Adventurously epic two piece genre-wranglers CAKES are starting to stir up a bit of a ruckus across the broader expanses of the local musical landscape. With influences of the calibre of Drive Like Jehu, METZ and NEU!, the cutting edge noise-niks can be tense and angular, such as on alterna-punk belters ‘Welcome to QLD’ and ‘ILL’, at other times pummelling and anthemic, as demonstrated on the tracks ‘Eucalyptus’ and ‘Slacker’. These songs feature on a highly recommended new EP the guys have recently put out, ‘Prescription Bugs,’ which you can get from the CAKES Bandcamp page.

Recently we got the bands two members, Sam and Jake, to draw back the curtains and give us a glimpse into the world of CAKES..

Congratulations on your new EP, ‘Prescription Bugs’. Can you tell us a bit about its genesis?

We wanted this EP to play a bit like a mix tape. The songs all have different vibes and were recorded at different stages throughout 2017. We did the mixes differently, recorded using different mics and amps to get the sound right for each particular song. And we didn’t stress too much about getting a polished sound. We wanted it to sound like us, with a few little ideas that are unique to the recording.

How long have you guys been gigging for?

We’ve been gigging since late April 2017 and have played something like 26 shows since then. It has been “go go go!” but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Jake plays guitar/ sings and Sam plays drums/ sings. We’ve played in bands on both the Gold Coast and Brisbane for quite some time, but this is our baby.

What are some of your favourite ‘hang out’ haunts here on the Gold Coast?

We love playing shows at Shark Bar because it has such a funny vibe and there’s no restrictions on volume and it has such a good load in. We tend to hang out in Burleigh quite a bit because that’s where our jam room is. The dudes from LENS, The Lonesomes, and Tesla Coils are often there, popping their heads around shed doors. We sometimes have random people drop in and listen to us jamming or getting our contact details. It’s cool haha!

What other Aussie bands do you particularly dig or share an affiliation with?

We love our mates in TRAUT (Melb), OPAHL (Melb), Hobo Magic, Soviet X-ray Record Club, Clever, Turnpike, Bench Press, White Vans, Feels Club, LENS, Kazual Tea and Horror My Friend (Adelaide); they were really good when we played with them. We’re sure there’s more we’ve missed.

Be sure to catch Cakes when they kick out the jams at the following shows in March:

  • March 15th Bloodhound Bar, Brisbane, with Wavevom
  • March 17th Miami Shark Bar, with Wavevom

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