Calling out for more at the Courthouse Hotel

It is rare that I venture above Chevron Island in my quest for music, but I recently found myself at the Courthouse Hotel in Southport. The upstairs venue has a lounge-bar feel to it and gives intimate access to the artists with it’s open stage plan. This particular night began with local songstress Tyla Jade. With a soft acoustic set the young singer-songwriter was a gentle introduction to the night. Next up was Louise Gillroy, who I had the pleasure of seeing at Alone Alaska’s debut recently. Louise has a stage presence that is intriguing and a voice that makes you want to listen; definitely someone to keep an eye on in the future.

The Anonymous Club pulled the night out of acoustic acts and into the rocking spotlight. Their lead singer, a rockin’ chick whose energy was reminiscent of Paramore’s Hayley Williams, smashed their set out and kept everyone grooving along. With bold sounds and smiles all around these guys aren’t going to be anonymous for too long. The fourth band to take to the stage was supergroup Paging Jimi. Frontman Scotty Teelow introduced a fresh song from the band, which really showcased the speed and force that drummer Grant Butler brings to the table. With guitarists Nate Millz and Jarryd ‘Magic-fingers’ O’Brien punctuating epic riff-offs with solid skill displays, and bassist Dan Aurora keeping the thumping rhythm steady throughout, these guys are always a treat to hear. Paging Jimi captures the molten hot feel of true rock and grunges it up in the best way possible.

To close the night local lads The Midnight Antics put on a show. Comprised of Jarryd and Grant from Paging Jimi, and led by singer-songwriter Evan Manttari, these guys never fail to leave an audience breathless, sweaty and calling out for more. Having been on a small hiatus after their east coast tour earlier this year the lads returned to the stage blasting fan favourite I Don’t Give A F**k Mate. With an energy that reels in listeners until the dance floor is packed The Midnight Antics blew through songs like Calling Out Your Name and Right From The Start. After delivering a high energy set that left both band and punters in a puddle on the floor, the guys still managed one more song in response to the raucous demands for an encore. All in all it was a great night that left me with the realisation that it doesn’t matter where you go for music, when you get your face rocked off it’s worth it!

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