Calling Out With Harry J Hart

Prodigious young talent Harry J Hart is an artist who is no stranger to the columns of Blank GC. Ever since he was anointed as a Gold Coast musician to watch (together with Amy Shark) at the age of just 14, the burgeoning singer, songwriter and guitarist’s stocks have continued to rise, from appearing at Bluesfest for the past two years to developing his craft in the USA under the tutelage of esteemed names such as Tom Morello and Nuno Bettencourt.

With COVID-19 putting a dampener on live performances recently, Harry has spent the past few months working on his original music, as well as putting in a spellbinding performance as the opening act of this year’s virtual Gold Coast Music Awards. Says Harry of the experience; “It was cool to be a part of it and play an event I’ve been attending for years, even if it was only online this year. It was great, we made a night of it, got all dressed up, (thought champagne wouldn’t go too far astray), and watched it at home with the family as we celebrated all the amazing musicians that the Gold Coast has to offer. Hopefully 2021 is a big old Crtl Z and if I’m lucky enough to do it again, it would be super-cool to be on the Surfers Paradise main stage looking down the mall.”

As a recent graduate of Southern Cross University’s Music Degree, Harry is grateful for the opportunities and musical growth that he’s subsequently experienced as a result of being part of the program.

“It’s been great, I’ve built relationships within the local music industry that I wouldn’t have without the SCU course. I’ve also developed my song writing technique and I’m now trying new styles and experimenting a bit, so I’ve been getting some new creations out of it which I hope to share soon.”

July sees Harry ramp things up with the unveiling of his debut release, a punchy rock number which goes by the name of ‘It Calls Out’, for which he’s suitably ecstatic.

“I’m really proud of what I’ve put together and I cannot wait to get it out there and finally show people what I’ve been doing. Having been doing covers for years I always get people asking me if I do my own stuff. And I can finally say yes! The inspiration for the song was not getting trapped in your own head or caught up in your own mind. The whole metaphorical side of it is that you’re always being followed by ‘the black dog’ and it’s always calling out.”

And despite the ramifications of COVID-19, Harry has been keeping busy as he looks to take his musical ambitions to the next level.

“I haven’t spent time consistently gigging since November last year, as I was out of the country, in Los Angeles, training in a ‘guitar camp’ run by Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine. There was also a bunch of other renowned musos there. It was crazy! And then the week that I was planning to go back to gigging, COVID hit. Everything kind of went out the window, but I have my first gig in ages coming up at Studio 188 in Ipswich on 18 July. And I’ve just started working on my debut EP, I’m just super excited to show everyone what I’ve got coming out.”

We’re calling it out now, Harry J Hart is an artist to keep a keen eye on over the coming 12 months as he continues to grow and develop his repertoire. His impressive debut release, ‘It Calls Out’, is released on 10 July. In addition to the aforementioned gig in Ipswich on 18 July, Harry will also be playing BBQ Bazaar in Burleigh on 1 August.

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