Cambus Wallace goes plastic-straw free

Our favourite nautical-themed rum bar is taking a stand against the scourge of plastic straws.

“We made the switch to biodegradable straws a while ago but it just didn’t seem like it was a big enough move in the right direction” said Dave Ferry, Owner and Manager of The Cambus Wallace. “Biodegradable or not, that’s still over 90,000 straws going to landfill each year from our venues so we decided to go for reusable straws instead.”

Guests at both the Cambus Wallace and its younger brother The Scottish Prince can now pick up a reusable stainless steel straw for $2.50 with profits from the sale of straws going to the Australian Marine Conservation Society who have been at the forefront of ocean conservation for more than 40 years. That’s a mighty fine reason to pop in for a rum cocktail or single malt whisky.

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