Casey Barnes rides into NightQuarter with hot new track

It’s been a couple of years since we sat down with Gold Coast country rocker Casey Barnes, and they’ve been pretty full on, to say the least. He explains.

“A new album, a couple of trips over to the states [including a spot at a major US festival, Country Summer] and now a brand new single that’s coming out this month,” he informs us.

The new single, The Way We Ride, is a toe-tappin’, high-octane track with all the makings of a modern country hit. Casey is pumped about it.

“To be honest I can’t remember feeling more excited about a single coming out.

“This track is another step up to where I want to be and it’s a really big sounding song, production-wise.”

Casey collaborated once more with Michael Paynter and Michael Delorenzis of MSquared, who co-wrote and produced Casey’s previous track Just Like Magic.

Just Like Magic which has done really well, so it’s been a bit of good luck teaming up with [Michael Paynter]. He really has his finger on the pulse with modern production.”

The Way We Ride is yet to be performed live, with Casey and his band champing at the bit to finally get it out there in front of a live audience.

“We’re saving it for the release – we’re doing a launch at NightQuarter. We can’t wait and NightQuarter is such a great venue, they’ve just come a mile especially in the last couple of years. And now they’ve added in the big LED screen behind the stage it’s hard to find a better venue on the Gold Coast.

“It’s going to be so much fun to play it live, ‘cause it’s such a big track.”

The song tells the story of an intense romantic relationship between a pair of lovers who like to live on the edge. The concept came about after a morning conversation between collaborators about family members with mental health issues.

“It’s really amazing how songs take shape. When you’re writing a song they can happen so many ways,” recalls Casey.

“This couple are so in love with each other but everything they do is deemed crazy by everyone else. Driving in a convertible with the top down during the rain, rolling around in the red dirt with their t-shirts on… they don’t care what anyone thinks of them.”

It’s a fun and engaging story, well told lyrically as well as well reflected musically by the driving, upbeat track. The video has just been released ahead of the launch at NightQuarter.

“It’s going to be great,” says Casey.

We have no doubt!

Check out the video below:


Check out our review of Casey’s new single, and head into NightQuarter on 3 June to hear it performed live by Casey and his full band. They’ll also be hitting up the Mudgeeraba Show on 25 June. Follow Casey on Facebook to get your first glimpse of the song and video upon release.

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