Doors slide open for Cassie Kendal

Usually, the term ‘elevator music’ refers to some low-key jazz or background tunes, but Cassie Kendal’s new single ‘Elevator Selfie’ takes it to a whole new level!

New to the scene, the GC Pop Queen’s debut single officially dropped on 31 July, with an inventive home-made music video set to follow on 21 August.

The narcissistic traps of social media seem worlds away from the humble existence of the down-to-earth artist, who enjoys a relaxed lifestyle of local weekend gigs around her home-town of Coolangatta and the south coast. However, the song originated as a letter to an ex-partner; a relationship that turned sour when his consuming efforts to maintain a material profile became too much. Luckily, Cassie has a sense of humour:

“It was basically a bit of a joke to start off with… I remember, I was sitting on the jetty at my dad’s place with a guitar, just playing it and singing along, and it kind of formed into a song. I started recording it to test my skills, and it turned out to be way better than I thought it was!” says the singer.

There’s no doubting Cassie’s knowledge of the music business, having found her niche in recording and marketing her own material.

“It’s definitely more challenging- there’s a lot more involved in doing it all yourself, but I think it’s been a lot more rewarding to be honest… With COVID-19, I lost my job, I lost my gigs, everything. I put my heart and soul into this, and it’s worked out really well. In fact, I’m quite proud of myself,” laughs Cassie.

Cassie earned a degree from JMC Music Academy in Sydney, where she tells us she spent years impersonating bands such as Paramore and sporting hair bandanas took her on a wild ride.

“I learnt a lot… we were all in bands, going out and playing different venues together. It was the best three years; I wouldn’t take it back for anything,” she says.

Looking back, it wasn’t until after university that she discovered her love of pop, and her ambition to make it as a solo-artist. After four years of life on the Gold Coast, the singer says she “could quite happily be stuck in Currumbin forever.”

“I think the culture on the Gold Coast for music is so much better than it is down in Sydney. Everyone’s so supportive of everyone; there’s always networking and community events to go to… it’s just fantastic up here. It’s really allowed me to do what I want to do, musically.”

Kendal owes a lot of her gratitude to Gabrielle Emery (The Letter Elle), a local producer whom she found on the Gold Coast Musicians’ Facebook page after months of searching with little response. When Emery came back with some game-changing suggestions for ‘Elevator Selfie’ after just a few days, Kendal knew she’d found a promising partnership.

“I did my own production, and she listened to it and she said she really loved the track… we worked together via Facebook and I hadn’t even met her in real life, but we worked together so well!” she says, beaming at Emery’s ability to add power and edge to her song.

The making of her music video is nothing short of an adventure, filmed over a series of single-day weeks and midnight sessions in between the peak hours of her friend’s hotel lift service.

“I’m editing that at the moment. It’s pretty funny, because I obviously filmed it in a real elevator, so I stuck a GoPro to the mirror!” Cassie explains. “While people were going up and down, I was dancing and trying to sing my song. I had my guitar in there, and people kept walking in on me, so there’s going to be quite a few funny ‘behind-the-scenes’ moments for that one! A bit awkward, but funny… makes for a good story!” She laughs.

Leaning back on the couch in her Sunday morning comfort wear, hair slightly messed, Cassie’s message is pretty clear: don’t take yourself too seriously.

“The audience that will be drawn to this song are those people who are so sick of going out and basing their night on what goes on social media… this is all about having fun and going out without worrying about those sorts of things.”

Who knows what the future holds for the emerging artist, but for now, she’d be happy to see fans on Tiktok dancing to her song in their elevators. In the meantime, keep an eye out for her creative cover art; a collaged collection of silly elevator selfies from around the globe. According to Cassie, this is only the first of many more tunes in the pipeline. What’s next? Escalator Daydream?

You can find Cassie’s new hit on all major music platforms including Spotify and iTunes now!

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