Catching up with GOVS aka Josiah Birrell

The Gold Coast’s music scene is lively as ever with hot new bands like GOVS making waves across Australia. Josiah Birrell (aka GOVS) has received consistent airplay on Triple J with his lo-fi, dream pop tunes and after winning APRA’s Josh Pyke Mentorship, this up-and-coming talent has got everyone talking about his “enormous potential” (Richard Kingsmill, Triple J).

I sat down with Josiah to talk about the release of his debut EP and what it was like to work alongside Josh Pyke.


What was it like recording your EP?

Really drawn out! It was the better half of 2 years in the making. Just adding bits here and there when I had the time. I was in no rush obviously.

What were your musical inspirations and intentions for the record?

I didn’t really set out with a list of intentions for these recordings, they kind of just eventuated into a collection of songs that worked well with each other. There were some other songs I was working on at the time that I just moved on from, so I guess over the 2 years some sort of bigger picture was being painted.

How would you describe your overall sound?

Slow, Ambient, Lo Fi.

Tell us a little about winning the Josh Pyke Mentorship. What was it like meeting him and what did you learn from that experience?

It’s been great! I’m the guy that NEVER wins stuff, so after Josh called to tell me I won, I had to redefine my life to date so I went into the Gold Coast hinterland wearing nothing but sackcloth and camped out for a good week eating canned food and playing with my forest friends.

Josh is also a solo artist, so the benefits of the mentorship are endless. He’s jumped through all the hoops that in time I may get similar opportunities to, so getting his thoughts and advice on stuff has been incredible thus far. He’s a really talented and hardworking dude.

How do you find the Gold Coast’s music scene and how is it as a platform for emerging artists?

I feel like it’s what you make it. It’s no Melbourne or Sydney, but we don’t need another one of them. There are a bunch of really cool bands happening at the moment like Golden Young and Tsun.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Hmmmm, probably you asking me what the highlight of my career is. I have a career!

What can we be expecting from GOVS in the future?

I’m releasing a new song in November, and a new 5 track EP early next year which I’ve been recording from home the past while. We’re playing some shows again in December so keep an eye out!

If you want to pleasure your ears to some sweet, sweet local tunes, be sure to grab GOVS debut, selftitled EP, available now on iTunes.

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