Cheap Fakes’: big festival season ahead

When you think festival bands, Cheap Fakes have got to be somewhere near the top of the list. The day after we spoke they were headed to Mitchell Creek Festival, but that was just the first of many. On the horizon are Red Deer Music Festival, Brisbane Festival, Bulimba Festival, Mullum Music Festival and they’re dropping hints at more.

“I can’t actually say,” Hayden says, speaking to Blank from his workplace. He’s a picture framer by day, rock and roller by night. He’s being deliberately vague and with so many awesome festivals yet to announce their summer lineups, I can only guess. But let’s talk music.

“It’s such an earworm, it’s so catchy, it is a hard one to get out of your head once you start singing it,” Hayden says of the track Baby it’s a Good Song off soon to be released album Modern Vintage. 

“I had to get it out of my own head and get it recorded because it’s just something that’s been annoying me for years,” he said. “But it’s annoying in a good way. If that’s possible.”

Modern Vintage is Cheap Fakes’ third album, following 2010’s Stones & Sticks and 2012’s Hand Me Downs. I had to ask about the band’s slick dance moves.

“It’s never been something that we consciously do,” he said. “We’ve never been in the studio and said let’s do this awesome dance move. It’s more been that when there’s a hit in one of our songs we just do the same thing, I guess, not even consiocously.”

“Unless I’m up the front and the boys are copying my dance moves,” he laughs.

One of the things that makes Cheap Fakes such an excellent festival band is their ability to have fun on stage.

“Yeah, I guess, one of the main things about being in a band is that you’ve got to be mates with the guys you’re working with,” he said. “You’ve got to be able to take criticism and give criticism and not take it too seriously.”

“It’s better than any drugs,” he says, “It’s just…. good.”

But back to the album, before speaking I spend some time online checking out the band’s latest news and I see there are a lot of fans very eagerly awaiting the album. Cheap Fakes raised more than $13,000 via crowdfunding to produce it – but that was nearly two years ago.

I tell Hayden that I’m one of those eager fans and he laughs. “Thank you so much,” he said and then tells me it’s been a bit stressful.

“But it’s also been very positive. We just sort of – we’re just happy to finally get it out there and start working on new stuff,” he said.

One of the reasons for the lengthy recording and production process was life. Children to be exact. Hayden has a 14 month old son and drummer Aaron has a one year old.

“I guess it makes it hard, you know, whenever I’m away at gigs and stuff, I miss my little man, but it’s also good because I kind of want to make him proud and I want him to come to gigs and think ‘that’s my dad’ and he loves our music,” Hayden said.

“His favourite song is Just in Case and every time we put that on, he goes crazy and claps in all the right places. I think that little kids are so honest, they don’t’ really know how to lie…” he trails off as we talk about how hilarious toddlers are.

Hayden also lets us know that vinyl is on the way. Cue happy dance.

“We should have it in a couple of weeks – definitely before the album launch,” he told me. “That’s always been a dream of mine – my very own vinyl.”

_ _ _

Cheap Fakes hit Brisbane’s The Triffid on 9 October and Miami Marketta on 11 October before playing a heap of awesome festivals, including Mullum Music Festival which runs 19 – 22 November.






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