Chelsea Rockwells | Eleven Vol 1: Album review

Chelsea Rockwells are quickly making a name for themselves and rightfully so. They’ve been beavering away, laying claim to support slots for the likes of Thirsty Merc and The Screaming Jets and even making their way to the the Hard Rock Rising finale. Eleven Vol 1 is their debut album. And now they’re set to release their debut EP Eleven – Vol 1 in March.

Opening track Halos breaks the ice and breaks it real hard. Halos drives it straight into your face and retains that energy level right through to the very end.

I listen to tracks like Stone and Aztec and can’t help but notice the production quality. It’s a beautiful thing when the clarity of a guitar tone can be pushed through the mix like this, standing out yet not taking away from the rest of the instruments, all while not pushing the gain on the amp to its fullest. (This obviously excludes that one time a band pushed it to 11). Each instrument is mixed and levelled superbly and the EP has been mastered flawlessly.

Chelsea Rockwells’ debut reminds me of a time when your typical rock music was something else; melodic yet up beat, somehow still punching you in the face with a fist full of cement. As a whole, it is incredibly well written and doesn’t feel forced, which is not to say they’ve hit the limits of their abilities. Nothing seems out of place. Everything has its moment and each moment shines perfectly across the EP, which ends perfectly with loud grungey vocals and wailing guitars that will send shivers down your spine.

Eleven – Vol 1 is out 31 March and Chelsea Rockwells play Crow Bar on 20 April and Hard Rock Café on 21 April.

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