The Church: Live review | The Triffid | Thursday 30 November 2017

It had been a while – six years in fact – since I had seen The Church. That was an evening pretty hard to outdo. The Church with a 70 piece orchestra at the Sydney Opera House. I still get goose bumps thinking of that, one almighty tick off the To Do list of amazing experiences.

This time it was at The Triffid in Brisbane, and once again I was in a room with curved ceilings seeing The Church for the millionth time.

After running late up the M1, parking and making our way inside, the band had already started and so we made our way towards the middle of the room to the haunting sound of ‘Myrrh’ from the album ‘Heyday’. That record with its $12.99, 1985 price tag was the current resident on my turntable at home.

There was a great selection of songs from across their 26 albums; ‘Metropolis’ was followed by the new single ‘Another Century’. The three or four songs they played from the new album transferred excellently to the live model. From ‘Seance’ was the track ‘Fly’, and once again the jolly, cheeky, and irreverent Mr Steve Kilbey was directing the night, lifting the tempo up and down, bringing you to a peak, and then easing you down again.

It was a crowd of the converted they were preaching to, and the band almost seemed humbled by the enthusiastic reaction from the audience. The last three songs before a double encore were special; with the driving, tripping, climbing ‘Tantalised’ followed by the classic ‘Under the Milky Way’, and the extended version of ‘Reptile’ to finish the set.

The room at the Triffid is a catcher of sound, and I must say one of the best rooms around to hear a band. And except the occasional tall timber, a great room to watch in as well. The Church had bought their light show which was damn awesome, and suited to compliment the mood of the night. When my eyes were shut, it was like being on drugs without being on drugs, and the aural angels were carrying me away. When ‘The Unguarded Moment’ rang out in the encore, the room went wild.

After two encores and up to almost a half a dozen songs it was done. I strongly suggest if you ever get a chance to see this band do so. Their sound was on point, especially after having added more guitars and keys for a complete, full sound.

Well I have been to The Church before. I was already converted, but my faith was once again taken to the next level, that I can testify to the goodness that surrounded me. Hallelujah!!

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