Classic 70s surf film makes a comeback

The lost classic makes a comeback at Surfworld Gold Coast with a cavalcade of its stars in attendance

If you have grown up with stories of the freakish abilities of the great Michael Peterson, and wondered if the tales had grown somewhat taller in the retelling, you need to check this out.

The classic film In Natural Flow makes a comeback in January, and there will be a cavalcade of its stars in attendance.

There’s a scarcity of quality footage of Peterson, who dominated Australian surfing in the ‘70s but younger surfers might be inclined to think his peers have exaggerated the stories of his feats.

Yet the proof is in the watching when it comes to Steve Core’s classic 1972 surf movie, In Natural Flow which captures the turning of an era; as the giants of the ‘60s disappeared into the Byron Bay hinterland in search of enlightenment.

Into the breach stepped a new generation of hyper-competitive youngsters hellbent on taking over the surfing world. Core was right in the thick of it and captured many of these budding young talents as they bloomed. As well as the great MP, there’s Peter Townend, a very young Rabbit Bartholomew (briefly), Simon Anderson, Col Smith, Andrew McKinnon and many others who put the evolving shortboards through their increasingly radical paces.

In Natural Flow also captures vintage Kirra in all its glory, a natural wonder that a younger generation of Gold Coast surfers have never experienced first-hand.

In a very special screening, Surfworld will host filmmaker Steve Core and local world champions Peter Townend and Rabbit Bartholomew, who will stage an insightful panel discussion following the screening.

The screening takes place Friday 2 January and doors open 6.00pm. Entry is $10.

Watch the trailer:


“IN NATURAL FLOW” Promo Trailer from Warren Delbridge on Vimeo.

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