Cleansing the soul, one juice at a time

For years the juice cleanse fad has been rising amongst the general public, with differing results and opinions being thrown around. Christie Ots decided to try out local company Sol Cleanse to see exactly what benefits cleansing can bring and to discover the dos and don’ts of cleansing.

In preparation I made sure that on Monday I ate small amounts of healthy foods and was excited to open the delivery of Sol Cleanse that night. Inside were 18 jars of cold pressed juices, cute paper straws, a heart shaped tea ball, tea and a few other things to help you get set for the cleanse. Popping everything into the fridge I felt ready to start my cleanse the next day.

Day One
I awoke early in the morning after a restless sleep and got stuck straight into the Energise Juice, which contains lemon, stevia, cayenne pepper and filtered water. Despite tasting quite acidic the drink was refreshing and I felt nice and light. An hour later at work I felt my energy flagging so I tried what became my favourite of the juices: Joy, with kale, apple, cos lettuce, cucumber and mint. However over the next few hours I felt my energy fading even more and not even a tea, Love Juice and Nut Milk could stop me from feeling crabby and exhausted. I stumbled home to consume the next two, a banana smoothie and Dahl, and fell into bed.

Day Two
A bit wary of how rough my first day had been I decided to keep my energy output as low as possible on day two. Unfortunately the day had different plans for me and the biggest hurdle was a beautiful birthday cake at work. After running errands in the morning sipping on my Energise Juice I walked into work to face a delicious sugary confectionary. It is safe to say that when you’re doing a cleanse you want to stay away from temptation, so try not to do one when you know you have food related events or plans with friends as you will not only be tired, but watching mates sip champagne or chow down pastries isn’t going to elevate your mood. While I didn’t feel as exhausted as I had the first day I was still tired and slightly grumpy by the end of the day. Physically though I did feel lighter and less bogged down by all of the food I would usually have consumed.

Day Three
Excited to be on the final leg of my journey I awoke bright and early and had a tea and a juice. Talking to a coworker I realized that I had had unrealistic expectations going into this. A lot of people, myself included, only really focus on the juice part of juice cleanses. I had expected to be joyfully drinking fruit juices and milky banana smoothies and neglected to consider the cleanse part. I finished my last juice later that night and went to bed feeling more upbeat and glad to have completed the cleanse.

While I will now scoff at the people who think a juice cleanse means instant weight-loss I understand that it is about feeling lighter and not fueled by sugar. From the morning coffees to the midday soft drinks and the random energy drinks, the amount of sugar floating around my daily diet is horrendous. Funnily enough I found myself making a juice for lunch the day after I had finished. While I will be sticking to my normal fruit juices for a while I have to admit that I don’t regret doing the cleanse at all.

Sol Cleanse provided a great range of juices and all of the extras that came with it weren’t just useful, they were gorgeous. Having it delivered to my door was great and if you’re looking to ease into an introduction to the world of juice cleanses they’re great. Just keep in mind the reality of what a juice cleanse is – hard – and what it is supposed to do – give your system a clean out and reset your eating habits. Whatever, just make sure you aren’t around birthday cake and everything will be all right!

Christie was provided with her 3-day cleanse at no cost by Sol Cleanse. You can find out more about Sol Cleanse products at

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