CLN looking Sideways at the GC

Brisbane’s newest electronic wunderkid, CLN has released his debut EP Sideways with lead single Better Than already taking the world by storm.

The track reached #1 on Hype Machine within just three days of its release and has amassed more than 125,000 plays on Soundcloud since. The title track has followed closely behind, only strengthening anticipation of what else this 19yo newcomer has up his sleeve.

And now the full Sideways EP is available. It includes these two original gems as well as the hip-hop feels of Dayum and the trip-hop feels of What you Said.

When he spoke to Blank, the Brisbane producer said he’d love to do a full length album.

“No one really does that, lately everyone just chucks out EPs. So after the EP, we’ll see how that goes and I might chuck out a few singles but then I’d like to start working on a full length long album, like a master work or something like that I don’t know,” he said.

A far cry from the days of messing around with computer games and computers, which is how CLN first started messing around in the space.

“I honestly started off with the most awful edits of songs on my computer with this crappy free program, I thought it was great but it sounded awful and it kinda progressed from there and I got better and better. I think I’ve probably been doing production stuff for about 5 or 6 years now,” he said.

He’s one of a bunch of acts hitting the Gold Coast next weekend as part of Rabbit Radio’s second birthday party, being pegged as the house party to end all house parties. It’s CLN’s first time playing on the Gold Coast. What can we expect?

“A heap of unreleased material, like probably stuff that no one’s ever heard before,” he said. “I’ve got a whole lot of unreleased stuff sitting around that I can’t actually release yet, so live shows are a good way to chuck that stuff out there.”

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CLN joins Salvadarlings, Street 66, Sixties Sarah and The Dead Books
Saturday 9 August, Swingin’ Safari
Get tickets prior or $15 on the door


Sideways EP is available now from iTunes

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