Coffee review: Cactus Coffee

Different locations around the Gold Coast. See their social media for details.

In the booming food truck scene on the Gold Coast there is a certain “thrill of the chase” that comes with tracking down your favourite truck and feasting on the goodies inside. Now it’s time to add another one to your list with the arrival of Cactus Coffee on the Coast.

Travel-and-cactus-loving owners Bianca Reeder and Jayden Kenna have always wanted to open a café or a bar, and then one day they “had a magical idea” to start the coffee trailer, the best way for them to stay on the move whilst doing something they love.

With Jayden working as a barista at Green Lane Coffee on Tamborine Mountain, and Bianca a born and bred Gold Coaster, they wanted to focus on locally sourced products. Thus the fair trade organic, locally grown and roasted coffee from Green Lane Coffee was a no brainer for their business. With the bean blends changing weekly, you’re guaranteed a new flavour experience every time you track them down. As Bianca and Jayden inform me, the beauty of using Green Lane Coffee is that the beans are freshly picked, roasted and then straight to you, guaranteeing the freshest cup of coffee beautifully made on a La Marzocco Linea 2-Group machine (a controversial choice they inform me due to the trailer always being on the move, but they wanted the very best.)

On my visit the espresso was delectably sharp and tangy with a bold red berry flavour that truly whet the appetite for more. In a piccolo the sharpness felt in the espresso was still present, a unique experience if you are a committed milk coffee drinker as the milk often mellows out the acidity. Being a hot day an iced long black was the ticket, with the red berry flavour spreading out and pairing wonderfully with the ice and cold water. Cactus Coffee also have a Japanese style, 16 hour cold brew on offer, definitely one for the die-hard caffeine addicts as Jayden said it perfectly “it’s so strong, it hits you out of nowhere”. Now that is a coffee guaranteed to get you through even the bleakest of Mondays!

Cactus Coffee can be found Monday to Wednesday from 7:30am to 11:30am at 157 Varsity Parade in Varsity Lakes and at various events around the Gold Coast.  As Bianca and Jayden say “if you’re having a cactus day, have a coffee” and where better else when you’re on the go than Cactus Coffee.

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