Coffee review: Hymn Coffee

Shop 24, 99 Kennedy Drive, Tweed Heads

Tweed Heads locals have no doubt been singing to the heavens with the recent opening of Hymn Coffee, a beautiful café serving a fresh take on coffee and food in the SoGo area.

The interior is basically my dream home with exposed concrete, white walls, wood accents, overflowing greenery and the crowning glory: a beautiful dried flower centrepiece hanging from the ceiling from Gather Store, who I am hitting up immediately for one of my own, please and thank-you.

Owners Kaycee and Kelly Hapi have been in the hospitality industry for many years and felt it was “time to get into our own shop”. On naming the café, Hymn stuck out to them, with Kaycee reporting, “Hymns are songs that were written hundreds of years ago and are timeless, much like gathering in a café with family and friends”.

“An amazing tasting coffee is the number one thing for us”, Kaycee informs me, and what better coffee bean supplier is there for Hymn than that of a saint? Utilising Melbourne based ST. ALi Orthodox beans as their house coffee, prepare yourselves for an ethereal espresso with a gorgeous chocolate apple scent and crisp apple taste with matching acidity to perk you up for your day. In a piccolo, the blend is pure chocolate fudge with pops of apple crispness jumping through. If you prefer a milder cup, a long black is the way to go, as it is light and sweet apple jam tasting with a chocolate undertone. With ST. ALi also providing rotating single origin coffee every fortnight, on offer during my visit was coffee from the Boana Plantation in PNG, a floral scented espresso of which was crisp and juicy, like a candy apple with a bite of acidity.

The food offerings also warrant a mention, with their Hawker Roll ($11/$18) made up of bacon, eggs, mum’s apple sauce, crispy onions and condensed milk mayo wrapped up in some roti bread absolutely blowing my mind with its delicious flavour.

Hymn is open for food and coffee-related worship from 6:00am to 2:00pm every day of the week.

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