Coffee review: Papercup Coffee

3/201 Ferry Road, Southport 4215 and 1/16 Frank St, Labrador 4215

Like the majority of the population, we are going to assume that you cannot face the day without your morning caffeine fix. We get it, and so does Papercup Coffee who look to brighten your day with “Brews, Bites and Blooms” in their new and bigger location in Southport.

The space is a Scandi design lovers dream, all clean lines, wood accents and bright, airy spaces. If you had a bad case of the Mondays when you entered, it would soon evaporate with the comforting scent of coffee mixed with the aforementioned blooms and ‘True Love’ mural by Matt Vergotis on the wall, guaranteeing to cause your lips to move into that upward position known as a smile.

Owners and newlyweds Zoe and Glen Hordern opened the Labrador branch of Papercup Coffee in October 2015. As SoPo residents, they saw the space left vacant by the closure of Nandos in the Ferry Road shops and jumped at the chance to open a larger branch of Papercup.

“Papercup is about coming in, grabbing a coffee and something decent to eat quickly,” Zoe informs us. “With the Southport shop being larger, it means we can have some more food and experiment with new things”.

With a well-established relationship with Blackboard Coffee, it is no wonder that their seasonal espresso blend is on offer at Papercup during our visit. As a piccolo, the milk chocolate flavour is smooth with a berry sweetness and nutty taste that will make you wish you had ordered more than one coffee.

What sets Papercup Coffee apart from most cafes is their offering of two different coffees on the grind. As Zoe points out: “You go to a pub and have options with beer, but not coffee shops with coffee.” Proud Mary’s Angel Wings was the obvious choice for Zoe and Glen when looking to expand the Papercup Coffee offerings, as they had an excellent experience at the Proud Mary café in Collingwood. The Angel Wings espresso has an alluring, super sweet scent of crushed blueberries, which follows through in the flavour of the coffee with an initial kick that grips the tastebuds. The optimal way to experience the blend is in a long black. The initial aroma is like juicy berries on a vine, with the coffee itself having a brightness and sweet candy kick, similar to a crème brûlée.

With an app that can allow you to order online to make your visit as quick as possible on your morning commute, Papercup Coffee Southport is open 5:00am to 5:00pm weekdays and 6:00am to 3:00pm on weekends. Whilst their Labrador branch is open 5:00am to 3:00pm every day.


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