Coffee review: Pomeroy’s Coffee Roasters

Capri on Via Roma Shopping Complex, Isle of Capri

Since Capri on Via Roma opened, it has become a fast favourite with Isle of Capri locals and other GC residents who love the shops, restaurants, and gorgeous sun-soaked deck to eat and drink upon. For any caffeine aficionado there is nothing better than sitting on said deck with your favourite brew from Pomeroy’s Coffee Roasters.

Started in New Zealand 26 years ago, Pomeroy’s was brought to Australia by Nathan Ward and his wife Lahnie two years ago. Luckily for Nathan, Pomeroy’s in New Zealand is owned by his friend, who subsequently trained him and has supported him in bringing the brand to Australian shores, with Nathan roasting all beans on the premises and also selling them online.

The first thing you notice about Pomeroy’s at Capri on Via Roma are the three large scrabble style tiles hanging above the till: S, A and F. Inspired by the scrabble games that Nathan would play with his father, each letter represents the different coffee you can order. Single origin, Active and Formula 2.

“The single origin is like a good single malt whiskey, you don’t want to mix it with coke or ginger ale, you want to have it neat” Nathan informs me, recommending that the beans are best sampled in a V60 or Moccamaster style coffee as they are softer brewing methods and allow you to taste more of the elements within the coffee. On our visit, we sampled the Kenyan single origin as a V60 pour over which had a light, tropical scent and delicate flavours of apple and an almost pineapple-like note. It’s the kind of coffee I could drink all day.

The Active blend, which has won three silver medals at coffee awards, is comprised of Ethopian Sidamo, Guatalmalan and Mexican beans. An espresso of the Active blend had a balanced acidity and fruity flavours of citrus, black cherry prominent stone fruit and a slight leathery note that was interesting to palate.

Lastly, the Formula 2 blend is the most popular with patrons and mixes beans from PNG, Brazil, Peru, Kenya and Colombia leading to a favourable dark chocolate flavour with ribbons of oak and tangerine noted when drinking a piccolo of the blend.

Pomeroy’s Coffee Roasters are open from 7:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Saturday and 7:00am to 4:00pm Sunday, but if you are unable to make it in store be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their new mobile coffee van hitting the roads of the GC soon.


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