Coffee Review | Randy Wallhole

21 Nind Street, Southport.

I’m unsure about the rest of you, but my parents were savage when it came to me wanting Coco Pops and coffee as a child. Now that I am a fully grown adult, and Randy Wallhole can provide me with a Coco Pop Iced Latte, you can be damn sure that Imma do what I want and have one whilst sending a smug selfie to my parents, and there is nothing that they can do about it.

40/40 Creative’s Ty Kudla, the owner of Randy Wallhole, was keen on creating a great café to add to the burgeoning scene in the north. No, I’m not talking about Winterfell, but SoPo where the eclectic Randy calls home.  Ty had previously worked in Canberra in hospitality and entertainment marketing, and wanted to do something fun with the knowledge he gained from working in the industry. With a big love of Coco Pops, Fruit Loops and snacking with mates, he channelled his creative side and pulled together the Randy Wallhole concept.

Ty’s self-confessed “controlled hoarding” led to him accumulating a lot of interesting pieces that now reside in Randy including a vintage record player, the ladder that leads to the “rooftop bar” and  #TheRandyCouch which was sourced just two days before opening and is a bright orange beacon that magically brings all the other art and design pieces together.

I just have to know about the name and Ty obligingly offers up the inside goss; “Initially I was looking at a smaller shop – a hole in the wall – and with the strong art influence Randy Wallhole seemed the perfect name.” When the larger space in Southport came up, the quirky and memorable name had already taken a hold of Ty so it stuck when he took over the space and transformed it into a “home away from home” for everyone that stops by to sample the great product and excellent service.

Food wise there are tasty salads and baked treats available from the counter fridge, but bagels are the life blood at Randy and are available in a variety of flavours. My favourite is the Avo Smash with feta, pepper and lemon, but I’m sure all the sweet tooths out there will go bananas for the peanut butter, Nutella, banana and pretzel Black and Yellow bagel, because wow! Randy also has some jaffles on the menu that are made to order like the bagels, with the most exciting one being the Mum’s Special, a nostalgic combo of HEINZ spaghetti and cheese. The nostalgia continues when I receive my Coco Pops Iced Latte that comes milkshake style with a straw and spoon. The taste is incredible, just like a chocolate (and coffee) milkshake only crunchy! With nothing on the menu over $10 there will always be plenty of cash let over for a coffee or a Daily Habit cold pressed juice.

Randy enjoys Toby’s Estate coffee on the grind with Ty referring to the team as like family to him, reporting they are passionate about the coffee and were keen to be a part of the process behind Randy, even consulting on the fit-out. Ty proudly reports that they “kill it with the house brew”, which is the popular Woolloomooloo blend that I sampled in espresso and piccolo form. Sweetly scented, the drinker is rewarded with well-rounded coffee with earthy, chocolatey flavours that are more prominent in the piccolo, whilst a tangy citrus-like spiciness dances through the espresso.

Currently offering Single Origin coffee in cold drip form, which on my visit was the La Lia Dragon from Costa Rica.  The cold drip seems to pop in the mouth, with beautifully sweet and seductive juicy fruits and berries flavours, with caramel notes playing over the sugary blossom scent.

The future for Randy is bright, with Ty open to seeing what the people want and growing from there. Open from 6.30am to 3pm Monday through Saturday, be sure not to stop by on a Sunday as the sign on Randy’s front door says that is hangover day.

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