Coffee review: Rise Rasta

Cnr Surfers Paradise Boulevard & Ocean Ave, Surfers Paradise

Wandering through Surfers Paradise, the scent of Ethiopian coffee coupled with the upbeat lyrics of Bob Marley will no doubt lead you to the sun-soaked Rise Rasta, possibly the most positive food truck on the Coast.

The Bob-Marley-festooned exterior of the truck is a beacon of good coffee times ahead thanks to owner and operator James Childs, who is passionate about three things in life: “Good coffee, great customer service and Bob Marley.”

As a follower of Bob Marley, James travelled to Jamaica to walk in his footsteps and lived there for a time, discovering Marley Coffee along the way and deciding to bring it to Australia. Unfortunately, due to some issues it was not to be, but James’s love of the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee prevailed. After finding a supplier of beans that are hand-picked, 100% organic and certified fair trade, and an expert roaster on the GC, he opened Rise Rasta just under a year ago with his own unique coffee: Rise Up!

The coffee trucks’ name itself was also inspired by Bob Marley. “Bob Marley believed everyone had Rasta from birth; that we are all equal. Rise Rasta means that we all have Rasta and we need to rise above and become better people for the world.” For James that is happening one coffee at a time, even though he lost count of his total output at around the 18,000 mark. Having made that many coffees in his life, you can be assured of a perfect brew! “We take a lot of pride in our coffee, and I would rather tip out a cup if it doesn’t look right to make sure people get the best coffee.”

Expect a big hit from an espresso of the Rise Rasta single origin coffee, with a citrus acidity that will have your mouth drooling for more of the dark cherry and leather flavour, with a lingering chocolate note. A long black showcases more of the juiciness of the cherry, whilst still having a delectable citrus tang. For milk coffee fans, expect a deeper chocolate flavour with a satisfying kick of acidity paired with a sweet dark cherry finish.

Open every day from 5:00am closing at 1:00pm weekdays and 2:00pm on the weekends, Rise Rasta’s coffee is sure to get you to Rise Up!

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