COFFEE REVIEW: Vintage Espresso, Mermaid Beach

1/43 Alfred Street, Mermaid Beach

There is a certain whimsical glee that takes over once you step inside the retro haven that is Vintage Espresso. As the fragrant aroma of coffee wafts by you can’t help but look around.  The large floor to ceiling window of the raised dining area frames the antiquated floor tiles and accents of times gone by like a picture from a bygone era.

Styled to perfection, even the La Marzocco coffee machine has a vintage appearance and happily sits at the heart of the café, churning out the coffee orders that come thick and fast from Vintage’s beloved fans.

Established many years ago, Vintage has become a Mermaid Beach icon and though many cafés have sprung up around it in the past few years, it still remains popular and busy, a true testament to the great service, food and coffee that is provided.

Utilising Allpress beans Vintage offers a single origin variety that changes every week or two depending on its popularity. Their current single origin on my visit is the Ugandan Mt Elgon, which works well in a black coffee and is smooth to drink, with an espresso displaying balanced acidity and a juicy flavour that is bright and refreshing.  Vintage are hoping to get more of their customers involved in the single origin coffees on offer with the baristas more than happy to strike up a conversation about their latest selection.

Vintage’s house blend is the Allpress Carmelo, which has a neutral and strong taste that is suitable for both black and milk coffees.  Sampled in an espresso it is bright with a good body, a sweet flavour with a citrus tang. A long black is light and bright, and has a more juicy flavour with berry notes. A double shot latte has delightfully thick and creamy froth and a smooth aftertaste with the addition of milk still allowing the strength of the coffee and its juicy flavours to shine through.

The early bird catches the coffee and for those who wake with the sun Vintage is open from 5.30am to 4pm Monday to Friday and 6am to 4pm Saturday and Sunday.  So take a trip to another time and enjoy some great coffee along the way.

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