Cog Announces Gold Coast Show For December

Ever since their return to the stage, Cog have been touring the circuits and making their mark known once again. Now it’s the Gold Coast’s turn. Cog will play Miami Marketta Thursday 21 December, which will make for a fantastic setting. And it will also be the first time we have had a Gold Coast Cog show since before their break up back in 2010.

Cog have made it very clear that new music is underway, posting photos and videos in the studio to tease fans about a new album, making this their first full length release since ‘Sharing Space’ way back in 2008. So it will easily be 10 years since their last album come time of release.

With that, there’s no doubt (knock on wood) that fans will be treated to some brand spanking new tunes, something we have all been patiently and eagerly awaiting for a very very long time. And an epic set of their back catologue is inevitable.

Live favourites like ‘Doors’ and ‘Anarchy Ok’ will hopefully make an appearance, but no matter what, fans are going to go insane for this.

Cog play Miami Marketta Thursday 21 December. Tickets available now through Oztix

IMAGE (c) Kane Skennar


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