Cold Ghost: launching Bachelor Tapes at Nightquarter on 15 June

Griffith University Queensland Conservatoriums’ SEED program is an innovative artist agency based on the Gold Coast. The program helps upcoming performers to consolidate their skills and develop a foothold in the music industry.

On Friday 8 June the compilation album ‘SEED Volume 7’ saw the light of day, shining the spotlight of some of this year’s finest new local musical discoveries. It also marked the launch of the first of five weekly live performances by some of this year’s featured artists, at the Helensvale Nightquarter.

One such artist is Gold Coast musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fletcher Babb, aka Fletch, whose musical project goes by the name of Cold Ghost. Originally a jazz-trained flautist (aka flute player) from Western Australia with three independent alt-folk albums to his name, Fletch relocated to the East Coast with his young family in 2011.

Having just dropped a highly impressive release entitled ‘Bachelor Tapes’, Fletch will be launching it under the ‘Cold Ghost’ moniker on Friday, 15 June, which plays host to week two of the SEED series of live performances at Nightquarter.

While loosely based in the ‘psych’ realm of musical exploration, ‘Bachelor Tapes’ touches upon a gamut of musical touchpoints both earthy and otherworldly.

Songs range from gorgeously fragile, Neil Young channeling alt-folk numbers with co-female vocals through to woozy, dreamlike soundscapes, with Fletch ably demonstrating his skills in taking listeners on a sonic journey via the incorporation of analogue tape manipulation and studio experimentation.

At other times, perfectly crystallized pastoral psych, pop-rock workouts rise to the surface. This is evidenced in the track ‘Vampire Love Song’, which also features washes of hazy, Hawaiian-like surf guitar. While tracks such as ‘Out Of Love’ and ‘Grover’s Mill’ up the ante with a more driving, rock oriented bent, albeit with the albums signature smeared-psych ambience still intact.

You can check it out here.

‘Bachelor Tapes’ was written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fletch himself, ably demonstrating that he’s totally switched on with taking his music ‘career’ to the next level. Combine this with a forward looking focus for longevity in a notoriously fickle industry, and it’s apparent that Cold Ghost will be a name that discerning local music fans will be hearing a lot more from. Says Fletch himself of his vision..

“My Honours studies included surveying some of the best music producers in Australia and overseas and they instilled in me the need to be more entrepreneurial in order to thrive as a ‘New Producer’ in a portfolio career. So Cold Ghost is just one part of what I do, while also recording emerging artists, writing signature music and mixing audio for podcasts, as well as creating compositions for film, TV, video productions and advertising.”

Friday, 15 June sees The Nightquarter precinct play host to week two of the SEED series of performances, featuring Angus Oastler, Emily Jane, Agwa (who Fletch will also be playing with on the night), and of course, Cold Ghost.

Check out the full program here.

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