Come Together: Recharged welcomes you to the Kram fam

Come Together festival is back after a year off and boy, is it ready to rock!

Since its inception in 2005, the festival has undergone a few changes. From its pure rock ‘n’ roll beginnings, it morphed into a showcase of all things hip hop and indie. Now, it’s come full circle.  And what better way to return to its rockin’ roots than with a sonic blast from the past in the form of Australian music icons Spiderbait and The Superjesus? Also coming along for the wild ride at NightQuarter are Mammal, Osaka Punch and newbies Rackett.

We spoke to the effervescent drummer and vocalist Kram from Spiderbait to find out why this festival, with its two date tour (Sydney / Gold Coast), caught Spiderbait’s attention.

“One is at Luna Park and the other is on the Goldy. I think for the Goldy one it’s slightly regional and it’s been quite a few years since we played up here. Also the line up was cool and we though it would be a good show.”

The Superjesus and Spiderbait played pretty much all the same venues in the nineties, and shared the stage more than once. Kram is excited to tour with them again.

“It’s been a long time, I think that’s one of the cool things about the tour; that we were going to get to play with them. I did a show on Double J last year and it was like a nineties retrospective program and we were going through old clips and stuff from the ABC show Recovery. I remember a Superjesus clip popping up and just going ‘wow, I wonder what those guys are up to.’ Then fast forward a year and we’re playing with the guys again!

“I’m also really interested in this band Rackett, everyone seems to talk about them and that’s the kind of bookend of a musical existence. You’re always rediscovering something older and then discovering something new for the first time.”

This definitely holds true for The Superjesus, with the group set to celebrate both the 20th anniversary of their debut album ‘Sumo’ and their latest single release ‘Confide In Me’.

There seems to be a trend of ‘90’s bands either reforming and/or touring. Kram agrees.

“Maybe there is. I really noticed that first Day On The Green two years ago, the one with You Am I, the reaction was so massive, it was much much bigger than I think anyone expected. Come Together: Recharged may be symptomatic of that reaction.

“It’s great to see groups of bands from that period all playing together again. I guess bringing out a lot of fans who may not have gone to many shows. It’s just nice to see people coming out and seeing live music. You know with so much technology now that informs so much of everyone’s existence… there’s something about personality in a band or an artist that people want to go experience, the music as much they want to go and experience the happening, the live-ness of it. There’s a real to and fro between the band and the crowd.”

Between modern rock monsters Mammal, wildly entertaining Osaka Punch, pop-punks Rackett, The Superjesus and Spiderbait, the exchange will certainly be buzzing, and that’s just the way Kram loves it.

“That’s what our band is really, just a posse of positivity and energy and we love creating and basking in that euphoric feeling. Welcome to the party. Welcome to our family.”

Don’t miss out on your tickets to the Come Together: Recharged party at Nightquarter in Helensvale on 30 June. Your ticket will also get you free tram, train or bus travel from Broadbeach to make life even easier.

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