Conrad Sewell fires up for debut Gold Coast performance

Internationally renowned singer-songwriter Conrad Sewell is coming to the Gold Coast, playing a highly anticipated gig at the Parkwood Tavern on 14 February.

The show serves as part of a larger, full scale tour of regional Australia, where he’ll be bringing his muse to a bunch of venues and towns somewhat more ‘off the beaten track’ than his usual capital city and international stadium sojourns. I ask Conrad, who’s busy preparing for the upcoming tour, if he enjoys the vibe and energy of such smaller scale performances.

“I do very much enjoy playing the smaller regional shows. I grew up playing those sorts of shows. I think it’s better, the crowd just respond differently when you’re singing right in their face and you can really connect with the audience and see them hearing my voice. It’s always fun to let me just tell the stories.”

Believe it or not this will be Conrad’s debut live performance on the Gold Coast, so needless to say he’s pretty pumped for his upcoming Parkwood Tavern gig.

“I’ve played small pop-ups for Gold Coast radio stations and things like that, but this will be the first time playing my whole set there, which is really cool because my girlfriend is on the Gold Coast and our friends there will be able to come and see me play for the first time,” he says.

“I’ll be focusing mainly on my recent album ‘Life’, but we are testing out a couple new songs and will probably throw in a cover or two.”

Having played some big stages and performed at a host of prestigious events across his career to date, I ask him if there’s any specific shows that stand out as being particularly memorable?

“I think that my most memorable performance would be Coachella. It was a really special show, one I wanted to play my whole life and it was my 30th birthday so all my friends flew out from Australia. It was a night I’ll never forget. Maddison Square Garden was another one that was really special. Again it’s another venue I wanted to play my whole life, so getting the chance to do that was life changing.”

To wrap things up, I query Conrad on which artists he’d bend over backwards to collaborate with. Turns out there’s a few.

”You kidding? I’d love to collaborate with people like Kanye West, John Mayer, Chris Martin from Coldplay, Chance the Rapper, Lawnhill… the list really goes on and on. There is so much talent out there. Bruno Mars, Simply Red – you get the idea!”

Pop-rock powerhouse Conrad Sewell will be playing his debut Gold Coast show at the Parkwood Tavern on 14 February. In other close-by performances as part of his bumper regional tour, he’ll also be appearing at The Villa Noosa Hotel on 15 February and at the Kingscliff Beach Hotel on 13 March.

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