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The aim of the Miss Pearl Store is simple:  To bring back the good things that our grandparents got to enjoy.  No chemicals, no nasty stuff, just living well.  We spoke with the store owner Pearl Chattrabhuti about her unique products.


How long have you been running the Miss Pearl Store?

For about 8 months, but I pretty much opened about two years ago.  It’s only recently that I’ve started pushing it forward with advertising and other things.

How has the reception been so far?

Great.  Business is pretty much word of mouth and it’s been running quite well because people are more health conscious these days and especially for people with allergies, now they can get these products more easily on the market.

Are you personally into the organic lifestyle?

I’m not too fussed about it either way but I do have so many allergies: flowers, gluten and pretty much anything that walks, so I wanted to find a product that is really good for myself and something that is made by real people and not mass produced in factories.

Have you used all of your own products?

I always test on myself before I send to the general public and if something doesn’t work then I do not order it.  My mum used to use everything commercial until I sent our products to her and now her allergies are much, much better and she can use makeup again without problems.

Are your products vegan?

Not everything is vegan but we also have people who are vegetarian and gluten intolerant, so we want to cater to everybody.

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