Creative Collaboration at Couch Outloud

In May of 2016, Laurinda Janlewicz and Michelle Dumbrell connected and recognised that they had a shared vision to bring the unexplored corners of arts and culture out into the open. To make this a reality they spoke about bringing together like-minded passionate people to collaborate and promote the arts and generate a buzz that excites the Gold Coast community.  The result of their efforts is Couch Outloud, a live talk show about highlighting the dynamic culture on the Gold Coast. Laurinda answered a few questions for Blank GC. 

What was your motivation for creating the night and what do you hope to achieve as a result?

For decades there has been a perception by many locals and visitors that there is an absence of arts and culture on the Gold Coast. However, Michelle and I both disagree with this view and aim towards shifting the stigma to one that allows for more access to experiencing the work of local artists. We wanted to highlight the culture of the Gold Coast in an entertaining and interactive way. That’s how the concept of a live talk show came to be.

Overall the purpose of the Couch Outloud is to highlight the growing significance of cultural change happening on the Gold Coast.

What do you think are some of the main positives about culture on the Gold Coast as compared to other cities, and what do you think are some of the areas that need working on?

There is an eclectic arts culture on the Gold Coast and audiences are yearning to engage in distinctive and atypical cultural activities.  However, there is still that unfamiliar territory of where and how they can connect with local artists.

Fortunately, there is indeed a growing wave of collaboration and acknowledgment of the artists’ network on the Gold Coast. This has been largely facilitated by the Gold Coast City council. They are continuously offering meet ups and opportunities for artists to interconnect with each other particularly leading up to the 2018 Commonwealth Games. I find that people are interested in collaborating and supporting each other.

It is refreshing to be a part of such momentum. Yet on the other hand, the Gold Coast has a number of barriers that need to be addressed in order to catch up to other cities that support their local artists. For example the Gold Coast still has very expensive busking permits and restrictions to event spaces, particularly for accommodating live music.

This show will highlight some amazing, inspiring artists and Gold Coast cultural movers and shakers. Come, hear and witness the work of Felicity Lawless (Bohemian Rocker and visionary), Emma Serjeant (Internationally renowned Circus Maker and Performer), Samantha Morris (Co-founder, owner and writer for Blank Magazine and Founder of Gold Coast Music Awards), Nadia Sunde (Host and Local Performing Artist) and Anthony Pieters (Visual Speed Artist and Dancer Extraordinaire) as well as Glenn Stephens (Musical Comedian) Together it will be an evening of conversation and live performance that will delight all of your senses. Visit Facebook for more details

November 18th 6:30-8:30pm
$15 at the door
The Avalon Miami





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