Creative internship opportunities available for City of Logan youth

Live in the City of Logan? Keen to develop your creative practice?

Well, we’ve got the perfect gig for you! Blank is on the hunt for three emerging creatives from the Logan region who are keen to take on an internship with Blank Street Press. That’s right City of Logan, we’re coming to your hood.

For the last eight years, Blank has been the Gold Coast’s premier free street press in print, promoting all things local music, arts, culture, environment, lifestyle and community with a view to smashing those tired old stereotypes about our fair city lacking culture.

We’re proud to have had a front row seat for the Gold Coast’s exponential growth in the music and arts sector over the last several years, and believe we’ve had a hand in not just promoting the City’s ever-expanding cultural offerings, but also in shaping them.

With thanks to the Regional Arts Development Fund, we are now poised and ready to do the same thing for the City of Logan. Every thriving cultural destination needs its own street press, and that’s where we come in.

While we’ve been distributing a small number of our humble magazine in the region for some time, we are now working towards launching a version of the magazine specifically for the City of Logan area and we’re pretty excited about it. Digging deep into the people, places and cultural happenings that give Logan its own unique identity and challenging individuals from outside and within the region to take a fresh look at their community, moving them to new experiences and perspectives.

Blank is seeking three young, emerging creatives from City of Logan who are ready to work with our team to curate and produce the launch issue of Logan’s very own version of Blank Street Press.

There is an intern opportunity available for a writer, photographer and graphic designer. These three intern roles will work alongside the experienced team at Blank, as well as each other, to identify and create the content and design the magazine layout for the first City of Logan version of Blank, to be launched in October 2021.

Ideally these roles will go to people with a passion for showcasing the works and talents of Logan-based artists, movers and shakers, performers and storytellers. People who are self-motivated, proactive and have an interest in continuing to contribute the growth of Blank as Logan’s new cultural voice, beyond the launch issue of the magazine.

You can check out all of the details and how to submit an expression of interest here.

Expressions of interest close on Monday 2 August.

The launch issue of Blank in the City of Logan is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). RADF is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Logan City Council to support arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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