Critical Hits at Supanova

Nothing gets you motivated for gaming quite like the accompanying, signature theme songs. Before hitting ‘Play’, the music puts you in the scene, preparing you for the next level. This month, US video game ensemble Critical Hit are heading to the Gold Coast to bring the screen to reality.

Formed in 2013, Critical Hit has performed at video game conventions from Wizard World, Comicon and Games15 in Dubai, to South By Southwest. These world-class musicians are adding a rock twist to the video game music genre and Supanova from 8 – 10 April, is the next stop where they’ll be sharing their symphonic sound.

Executive producer Michael Gluck has spent his entire career in the video game industry and formed the band with Jason Hayes, the lead composer on the original release of World of Warcraft.

When it came to finding musicians for this unique ensemble, Gluck knew they had to come straight from the source.

“I wanted to create a video game performance group, and my vision was symphonic rock – this hybrid of classical instrumentation with rock instrumentation to create that hybrid sound, “ he said.

“Jason has worked on Diablo and Counter-Strike and other huge games with big budgets who put a tonne of emphasis on the music, so he went to the composers and musicians of these games and he invited them to be part of this ensemble and those were the first musicians we got.”

“Not only were they musicians with strong classical backgrounds but they also were accredited video game recording artists so it just added even more power and credibility to what we’re doing.”

“They’re the same people who created the music to the games you played hours to.”

Whether it’s Tetris, Mario Brothers or Legend of Zelda, Critical Hit cover the entire spectrum of video game history in their performance in which Gluck describes as “an evening of nostalgia.”

“I call on all gamers of all ages on all platforms and anyone who has a love games, to come hear the music,” he said.

“And for those of you who have never played a video game before, if there’s any of you out there, still come because what you’re going to hear is high energy, symphonic rock music that is highly melodically driven music by top of the class, classically trained musicians.”

With the growth of the video game industry in the past decade, there’s no doubting the cultural significance game music has had across the globe.

Critical Hit has also had the opportunity to work alongside renowned composer Nobuo Uematsu and his ensemble, the Earthbound Papas, at the Naka-Kon convention in Kansas, with a tremendous reaction to their performance.

“Everywhere we perform is a venue where gamers are and that is the perfect target audience for what we do and it’s the exact same reaction we will get when we perform at Supanova,” said Gluck.

“Even though we’ve never played in Australia, I know attendees will… have the same love for this music as they do in the US and that’s why we’re going to kill it.”

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See Critical Hit perform at Supanova from 8-10 April and a free show at Broadbeach Mall on Saturday 9 April.

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