CRUM: Feeding Flannel Flames

Local three piece CRUM are a bunch of hard rocking, grunging it up-starts that are well worth keeping close tabs on in this year of 2018. The band deliver a crunchy granola-bomb of heavy alterna-rock inflected goodness, without sacrificing the ability to hit you between the eyes with a killer chorus. A band you can sing along to while rocking out vigorously is always one to be cherished, and on this front CRUM certainly deliver.

This is demonstrated with relish on their current single ‘Starving Me’, where they manage to flit effortlessly between memorably melodic and face-screwing, hit you in the guts guitar pummel. The band bring to mind a host of 90’s grunge era luminaries, yet this is achieved without sacrificing their own individual identity. It certainly packs an almighty, grin-inducing wallop!

We recently got an insight into what makes the band tick from the guys themselves.

Congratulations on your killer new single, ‘Starving Me’. You must be pretty stoked with how it turned out?

Yeah definitely! The track was recorded and produced Darek Mudge (who’s also worked with Screamfeeder and Intercooler) at The Shed Studios in Brisbane and he just twisted it right up, exactly how we wanted – he just knows how we like our sound. It took a while before we knew exactly what we wanted to do with this song but it all fell into place and we couldn’t be more stoked. 

Is this track indicative of the sound and dynamics of the other tracks that will be appearing on your upcoming EP?

Yes, to an extent. But the rest the EP gets a little bit heavier. ‘Starving Me’ is our way of letting our audience know we’re not just distorted guitars. I guess it’s a little bit of our lighter side. The EP kind of embodies all different sides of our sound and we are keen to show that to people. We will be releasing it later this year.

You must be looking forward to your upcoming appearance supporting The Dead Love at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse. What sort of ruckus can we expect from you in the live realm? 

Yeah can’t wait for that gig! The Dead Love rule and we love their music. It’s gonna be a solid thrash fest so make sure you come check it out!

On a lighter note, who is the biggest CRUM in the band?

Jariah, our manager, because she’s always crumming over new live music!

If you could choose three other bands to appear with on your dream musical bill, who would they be? 

Unmmmmm..The Melvin’s, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair..thats the dream..haha I think we’d all be crumming in our pants!

To catch a dose of CRUM in the live realm, be sure to get along to their upcoming gig at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse on 16 March, where the lads will be supporting Sydney grungers The Dead Love, together with other awesome local supports Electric Zebra and Party Wave. Certainly a gig not to be missed!

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    This write-up is on the money…. onya Anthony! Saw CRUM in Brissie supporting Legendary West Oz rockers GYROSCOPE earlier this year. Their songwriting is catchy and their sound is HUGE. Just don’t let the sound guy turn you down next time after allegedly commenting ‘You guys are pretty loud’. Lol!

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