Cry for Cthulhu

Melodic metal four-piece Cry for Cthulhu kick around the Darling Downs but gig throughout southeast Queensland. Their bio reads like a mysterious inscription unearthed from times past. “These are tales from prophets and the elder god Cthulhu,” says their bio. “This is the Cry for Cthulhu.” We had to find out more so our editor Samantha Morris spoke to Joel Holtham (rhythm guitar) and Chris Atkins (bass).

Forming four years ago as a threepiece with Chris, Liam Brady (vocals / guitar) and Sam Kersley (drums), the lads entered a battle of the bands type thing in their hometown of Dalby, wrote a song and learned new instruments with Sam starting to play the drums literally the day they formed the band.They added Joel before the second round of the band competition and he had just three days to learn their songs. Nothing like a challenge to bring people together. And the rest, as they say is history.

_ _ _ _


Tell me about the music scene out Dalby / darling downs way?

Chris: Music scene? Ha. Unfortunately, the smaller communities in the drier reaches of this land mass are just not ready for the raw power and awe offered by the gifts of the Old Ones. Music is severely limited to unenlightened individuals publicising their futile attempts at mating.



Your bio talks about your genre being melodic death metal and the GC has a pretty healthy metal scene. Do you have some favourite Gold Coast bands?

Joel: The Gold Coast has an amazing metal scene, many vessels gather at our rituals to help summon the dark lord. We’ve played alongside some great Gold Coast bands such as Kaosphere, Alice Lost Her Way, and Upon A Falling Empire, all of whom’s mastery of metal would make Cthulhu proud, even if they are just puny humans.


What the hell does the name mean?

Joel: You mortals are so oblivious, many have asked this question, but we shall inform you nevertheless. Cthulhu is a great ancient cosmic being who has been locked away in eternal slumber in the deepest and darkest depths of our seas for centuries. In 1928, he first invaded the dreams of a mortal author by the name H.P. Lovecraft who would go on the write down his visions of the Great One in a series of short stories and although he gained a cult following, it wasn’t enough to summon the beast. Cthulhu has promised to rise again to bring total annihilation to this world and that is something we would very much enjoy! So we use the power of heavy metal to make people cry for Cthulhu to awaken him to fulfill his prophecies… hahaha.


Tell me about Cry for Cthulhu?

Joel: Cry for Cthulhu started out as Release the Kraken, but after being possessed by spirits sent by Cthulhu himself and realising the name was already taken, we decided to change it so we could properly worship the Great One. We’ve been converting people to our cult for years now and we will convert many more.


What can people expect from your live show?

Chris: These mindless puppets can expect to be driven to the realms of madness by the sheer awesomeness we channel. Weaker minds tend not to survive this ordeal but the worthy shall return from the abyss loyal accolytes of our ever expanding cult and in service to the Elder Gods!

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Cry for Cthulhu have released their own scriptures available in EP form via and you can witness their mind-expanding metal on 30 September at Lonestar Tavern with Fragments headlining and Middle-Earth and Uncle Buck in support.




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