Brisbane band Cub Sport have been killing it with their unique brand of emotionally-charged pop over the last year,  now they are back with a new album ‘Bats’ to be released 22 September. The group is passionate about using their platform to speak out against homophobia, and their first single ‘O Lord’ is making waves across the country. Catherine Gunther caught up with Sam (keys/vocals) from the band ahead of their BIGSOUND set to discuss the new record.

So your second album ‘Bats’ is coming out in September. What can we expect from the album?

I would say there are a lot of downbeat bangers. I think for Tim it’s more personal in terms of some of the content of the songs but I think that’s pretty evident in how it comes together. There’s a pretty cool vibe and flow to it and I think that’s probably the biggest change is the forwardness, particularly with the messaging and content.

I read that somewhere that ‘Bats’ will be released on your own label, why did you guys decide to do the release independently?

We felt like it was the right time for us to take ownership of that. We’ve always had a pretty strong vision of where we want to take things and we sort of in a position to do that so we took the reins and pointed in the direction we wanted to go.

What’s the process like with writing the music?

So all the writing is actually done by Tim. What’s different about this album is that Tim has written and recorded it all. We still all went to the studio to work with our long time collaborator John Castle to finish things off on a production level but Tim wrote, recorded and produced and engineered most of the album.

You guys are playing BIGSOUND this year, what does that mean for you guys and what have you got in store?

It’s so cool, the fact that it’s in Brisbane and it’s one of the best industry showcase events world-wide it’s pretty amazing having people come to Brisbane and having the spotlight on local artists, not just Brisbane but Australia as well. We’ll be playing quite a few new songs so we’ll be sampling a lot of stuff from that. There’s quite a bit that we haven’t played for live audiences yet so we’re very excited about that!

Other than the show what are you looking forward to at BIGSOUND this year?

There are so many cool bands playing! I was looking at the line up and there are a few clashes so I’m going to be walking around pretty feverishly to get to some! The two bands at the top of my list to go and see are Hatchie and The Harpoons.

You and Tim recently got engaged and only came out as gay not that long ago, sparking your latest single ‘O Lord’. How has the response been?

It’s been pretty crazy. The fans have been wildly supportive and it’s made the whole thing incredibly easy for us where I’m sure plenty of people who have gone before may not have had the same experience. Being in the public eye opens you up to some pretty unfair scrutiny but for us it’s been amazing! People have been so supportive and we’ve been getting messages every day from fans saying thanks for being so open and honest. The fact that it’s been helping people feel comfortable with who they are has been the most rewarding part about it all.

Watch ‘O Lord’ below:

Who are some artists you’re really enjoying right now? What’s at the top of your playlists in your down time?

Oooohh definitely Hatchie and The Harpoons which is why I’m so excited to see both of them in a few weeks. I would say in addition those two, Mallrat for sure. We’re friends with Grace and she’s shown us what’s coming so it’s not on my playlist yet but there are some very cool things to come.

You’ve come a long way since the band started out, have you got any advice for aspiring artists who are just starting out with their music careers?

Definitely! I would say keep working at it, put in the work and don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen the way you plan. I think the real key is being true to yourself because when you’re genuine, people recognise that it’s coming from a place of self-assuredness, which isn’t an easy thing to come about. Sometimes it takes a few years to figure out who you are and what you’re doing, which I think was certainly the case for us and I think that’s why coming out made such a huge impact both personally and with the music. Once everything is coming from a confident place then I think it shines through.

Catch Cub Sport at BIGSOUND at The Brightside Outdoor Stage on 6 September and you can pre–order their new album ‘Bats’ on iTunes now!

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