Dark humour takes over The Space with Allen

The Arts Centre’s black box theatre, The Space, is fast becoming known for works that are edgy, raw and include many new works by Gold Coast artists. Allen, a dark humoured black comedy set to take over The Space in June, is the latest work from Gold Coast based production company …Awkward Productions.

Stewart J. McMillan, the writer and brains behind Allen, answered some questions below.

It’s interesting that Allen is a prequel to Un Natural Selection. Did you know you would write it when you wrote Un Natural Selection?

The events in Allen occur along the same timeline as my first production Beautifully Dead focusing on the Psychiatrist character Dr Jeremy Roberts. So Allen actually links my prior two productions making this a trilogy…..I secretly just always wanted to write a trilogy haha.

But in saying that, no, I really didn’t intend on writing a prequel at all. When I was thinking of ideas for the new production and what I want to write about, I kept coming back to the character of Allen…the sociopath. He really intrigued me; where did he come from, has he always been like this etc?

The good thing about Allen is that you don’t need to have prior knowledge of the previous productions, it’s its own story about a psychiatrist seeing his psychiatrist.

What do you hope to achieve out of your residency and playreading?

Well we’ve got the season of Allen in the Arts Centre’s the Space theatre in June and you don’t always get the chance to test out a script prior to the production so this is a great opportunity to simply get the script as good as it possibly can be. See what works, what doesn’t in the script and also grow as a writer while working with an industry professional.

How do you hope audiences will respond to the work?

Well it’s a black comedy so laughter is always a preferred response haha. Both our prior productions were received really well and Allen is certainly along the same lines, there’s no hidden, subliminal message or political view. I simply just want people to come along and enjoy it as there’s no better feeling than sitting in amongst an audience and getting their honest response from your work, especially when they don’t know who you are haha.

Allen is showing at The Space from 16 – 18 June 2016.  Tickets at theartscentregc.com.au

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