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Having kicked every goal they set for themselves, conquered the Australian music scene and gained a legion of fans along the way, Darkc3ll now have their sights set on the USA. Nev Pearce spoke to front man Jesse Dracman about their new EP Devolve Destroy, their upcoming tour and returning to a familiar stomping ground.

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To say Dark3ll have made waves in the Australian music industry is an understatement. Having toured the country several times independently and in support of major artists such as  Wednesday 13, the band then scored a dream spot on the Soundwave 2014 line-up.

Fast forward to 2015 and they’re now set to take the USA by storm after being added to the upcoming Civil Unrest tour alongside Ill Nino, Kittie and 36 Crazyfists.

“It’s beyond our wildest expectations, and it’s sort of next level stuff for us so we’re very excited about this opportunity. After touring with Soundwave last year, we built on a friendship that we already had with the guys from Ill Nino,” said Dracman.

“I’ve known Dave and the guys for a while now and then the opportunity presented itself to us. It’s one of those once in a life-time opportunities that you have to just go full steam ahead and go for it.”

Before the band head to America they will be touring across Australia in support of their latest release Devolve Destroy. Lead single All My Heroes Are Dead saw the band experiment a little more with their signature industrial metal sound.

“It was a Matt and Jesse crazy thought production. We do that sort of thing from time to time. We like to challenge ourselves, and not stick to any one particular formula. Matt had actually written the riff about just over a year ago, or longer, one of many riffs that he’s got dancing around’

And while the new EP has seen the band push the envelope of their sound, Devolve Destroy is still very much a Darkc3ll release with a sound that their fans know and love while keeping things interesting for the band themselves with the writing process.

“It’s got the big hooks. It’s got all the sing-along choruses and lines that we love putting in our music, but All My Heroes Are Dead  is just a great stand-up balls-to-the-wall rock song,” Dracman said.

“The other tracks have a bit more of a heavier industrial feel to it. It might surprise a few people. It’s definitely got a bit more attitude for us, but it’s still got a bit of a swing and a groove to it that people can dance to. It should be interesting to see what people think.”

Darkc3ll will be hitting the road in support of the EP, including one special show at Dracman’s old stomping ground, the Hard Rock Café in Surfers, which is a free gig for their local fans.

“We’ve been very fortunate and we are very grateful to the people that have stood by us and supported us for a while,” he said. “With this run of dates we just wanted to try something different. We pursued the idea of doing free entry events. For us, we’re overwhelmed with the support we receive and we love giving something back to the people. Fortunately for us the Hard Rock Café have given me a lot of love, letting us put on a free show for everybody.”

The band has worked extremely hard over the last couple of years and the future looks very bright for these Queensland industrial maniacs. And with their first trip over to the USA, this is just the first step for bigger things on the horizon for the band.

“We’re just really proud, man. I’ve just heard so many stories about Australian bands that have gone over and tried their luck in the American market, and it’s all good. I don’t know, just something about what we’re doing, I just really believe that the Americans will get a kick out of it, so fingers crossed.”

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Devolve Destroy is available through iTunes and darkc3ll.bigcartel.com. Darkc3ll have a free show at the Hard Rock Cafe Surfers Paradise on 1 May.

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