One Arts Article 1The genre of Pop Art may conjure up images of Andy Warhol, but ONE Arts Gallery on the Isle of Capri is hosting an exhibition in February that is more Mambo than Warhol. Pip Andreas caught up with David Kellow, the artist behind the vibrant ‘Dark Pop’ images.

Why have you chosen to paint in the 2D, Pop-Art, comic style?
I always had a humorous wing to my work. It flew side by side with another serious wing.




You have described your work as ‘Dark Pop-Art’. What do you mean by that?
I think “Dark POP” refers to a very black comedy of life. The Journey of “EVERYTOON”.

Your early work was influenced by ‘spiritual energy’. Do you have a particular spiritual influence in your life and work anymore?
Early 90’s I was heavily influenced by the Goddess Movement. Somehow I received a lot of information somehow like a antenna receiver. A lot of other artists, mostly women had similar experiences. I am more a free thinking Buddhist now.

What is the significance of the electronic screens in your exhibition next month at ONE Arts?

It is a comment on our loss of connection to the real world. A sign of the times in the Age of Tyranny of Material Things. A good example is people walking down the beach in paradise on the Gold Coast yet staring at their “smart phone”.

Why the move from the cultural hub of Melbourne to the Gold Coast?

I came up here originally to do a PHD at UQ on the Goddess Movement. Loved the Surf and stayed.

Where will your creative journey go from here? Any new art formats or styles you are keen to pursue?
I think I will use a lot more words in my art but still with some humour.

ONE Arts is on the corner of Verona St and Via Roma St, Isle of Capri. Phone 0400 139 889 for more details. David Hellow’s Pop Art exhibition commences Friday 5 February at 6.30pm.

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