Rising Skywards: Dawn Of Dusk Deliver Debut Album, Flight Trajectory

Local self-confessed ‘vagabond rock band’ Dawn Of Dusk have just dropped their debut record, ‘Flight Trajectory’, an album in thrall of the visceral thrills of the 90s alternative/grunge era of bold guitar stylings and impassioned vocals. Founding member, singer and Guitarist Petar Zabic, has been evolving the Dawn Of Dusk concept since the band’s embryonic beginnings as part of the open mic night and jam band scene some seven years ago.

Zabic recalls this formative time.

“After starting out in solo mode for a little, we kicked off as a trio. It all started at the tail end of 2014 at an open mic at the old O’Malley’s in Surfers. From there, we all knowingly flocked to The Loft (restaurant and music venue on Chevron Island) on a Wednesday night to show off our newly written tunes and had the greatest of jams. There I met a fellow guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Dejan Stantic, who is still in Dawn of Dusk to this very day. He has had an indelible influence on the new album’s sound and direction. And along with the many wonderful friends who have imparted some magic with this band over the years, constantly evolving and never receding, I am very appreciative of that process of development and growth.”

The build up to the launch of the ‘Flight Trajectory’ album has been a steady evolution since that time, as Zabic elaborates.

“The songs I have written for the album have been percolating for a while, along with a few new songs added into the voluminous musical pint. They just sounded right when we played them live somewhere – they strung together thematically and it was only a matter of finding the right time to lay them down and put them out for yearning ears. The flight path had already been charted on this one.”

More recently Dawn Of Dusk have consolidated their ranks with the addition of drummer Joh Kotoda and bassist James Dent, whom Zabic describes as “bringing a whole new canvas to paint on – it keeps things new and evolving for Dejan and I.”

In September 2020 the band entered Studio One16, in Burleigh Heads, to commence their first recording session for the album. Zabic describes how they captured the raw, grungy tones of the record in the studio.

“To capture the raw emotion of our music and our always evolving sound, we decided to do a Studio ‘LIVE REC. SESSION’ instead of the now generic Track Layering System. We initially went in with nine songs and over three hours the whole album was recorded.  Vocal sessions were creative and fun, and I say that with great fondness. The whole album was mixed and mastered at StudioOne16.”

With the album ‘in the can’ the band are now ready to launch it into the stratosphere, having recently performed at the ‘Gnarly Terrain Music Festival’ at Vinnies Dive on 1 May. Says Zabic of where things are headed with the band over the coming months:

“We are looking forward to more gigs in places we have not christened yet, a little south east tour perhaps, and maybe putting out another EP later this year or next. Who knows… right now, let us focus our newly birthed ‘Flight Trajectory’ album and see what happens.”

To celebrate the launch of ‘Flight Trajectory’, Dawn Of Dusk will be stepping up on stage and pumping out the jams on the following dates:

  • 18 June: Solo Performance at the Singer Songwriter showcase @ Ground n’ Sound.
  • 8 June: acoustic unplugged live show at Vinnies Dive, supported by Brad Kennedy from the Wayward Suns
  • 18 June: solo performance at the Singer Songwriter showcase at Ground n’ Sound, Labrador
  • 26 June: album launch at Vinnies Dive
  • 4 July: a suicide and mental awareness benefit at The Zoo, Fortitude Valley

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