Dawn of Dusk: Live review | Ground N Sound | 28 November, 2018

Dawn of Dusk drew in a crowd of all ages to their first gig at Ground N Sound in Chirn Park.

Teh warm night at Ground N Sound gave off an electric atmosphere with with musical equipment and posters adorning the walls and ceiling. Other bric and brac from times past included books, suitcases and their centrepiece – a set of three chandeliers. Dawn of Dusk’s music and vibe definitely suited the setting.

The set was half an hour long. Original songs performed were ‘Minority, ‘Vegas Girl’, ‘The Light has Gone’, ‘Lost in New York City’ and ‘Redemption’. Their distinctive sound is formed by Jem Nicholl’s jazz infused drumming and Isaac Stewart’s  slapping and rolling bass. It is complimented overall by Petar Zabic’s soulful and heartfelt singing.

Dawn of Dusk was incredibly well received by the capacity audience at Ground N Sound.

Dawn of Dusk are: Petar Zabic (Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Lead Vocals), Isaac Stewart (Bass, Backing Vocals) and Jem Nicholls (Drums and Percussion).

Their next gig is at BBQ Bazaar on 9 December, 2018.


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