Day Two – Byron Bay Bluesfest Blowing Our Mind

The sun has set on day two of Bluesfest Byron Bay and we are about to enjoy the musical magic of The National, exclusive to Bluesfest. It has been a full day of fantastic moments, from Elle King gyrating while pouring her voice into a microphone and water all over herself – to a seller set from Tweedy and their country-blues sound stealing our breath away.

City and Colour currently hold sway on the Mojo stage, with Dallas Green enthralling a crowd that extends past the tent and out into the festival itself – one man shining bright and making our Friday night. Wrapping up on last nights festivities we saw headliner Kendrick Lamar stir the audience into a frenzy. Before he took to the stage festival organisers did have to exert some serious crowd control to prevent punter being slammed against the safety barriers, but once he was in the swing of his set the bodies we moving in harmony as thousands of people moved as one.

Prior to Kendrick taking the stage we saw a fantastic set from D’Angelo, with his incredible feathered outfit almost stealing the spotlight from his saucy sound!

D'Angelo Photo credit: Gina Martin

Photo credit: Gina Martin

Stay with us for the next few days as we keep you updated on the happenings, musical moments and everything in between on all platforms!

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