Daydreaming with Atticus Chimps

Hard hitting Gold Coast duo Atticus Chimps have kept up their steadfast musical release schedule over the last few years, with latest single ‘Day Dreams’ soon set to grace streaming platforms.

Punchy with a pop twist, ‘Day Dreams’ cements the band’s reputation as purveyors of the kind of chunky, melodic rock tunes that keep their fans on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next drop.

We caught up with Sam Chimp about this latest release and what we can expect from the boys next.

Well first up – give us the goss on ‘Day Dreams’: how did it come together, and what inspired it?

‘Day Dreams’ was the song we used to play to open our set at a live show, but over time we became bored with it and wanted to update it to fit in with the direction our music was headed. I re-wrote the song recently with a new riff, new chorus and new bridge, the only things I kept were the intro and some of the lyrics. I tried to write a song that has those clunky and dissonant chord progressions you find in a lot of hard rock and stoner rock bands, while really trying to make it pop at the same time. I was stoked with how it came out I don’t know if there’s a song that sounds anything like it. We really tapped into something here.

Are you actually “scared of silence”? If so, is that why you became a muso, so you could make noise all the time?

Not at all, the original line was ‘you’re scared of silence, I’m peaceful when I’m distant and I’m present’. I changed it because sometimes trying to squeeze in too many syllables into a line can come at the expense of the melody and flow of the song, so I cut those words out. I can see how it’d be interpreted that way though! I love silence and letting your imagination run wild, and finding company that also is comfortable with that is great. Although, as is the way with most of my songs, I’m happy for people to interpret it however they like.

Does this track represent any kind of musical evolution for the group or do you feel like it’s right on brand?

Absolutely. I feel like I say this for every release, but I finally feel like we’ve found our sound. A lot of the stuff we released over the years were songs that I wrote very early on in my development when I was still trying to figure it out, whereas ‘Day Dreams’ and future releases are songs that I’m writing right now. Playing the bass instead of guitar has changed the way that I’ve had to write riffs and – without realising it – my vocal range improved as well. There’s going to be a significant difference in quality and I hope that people are impressed with it.

What does the rest of your 2021 look like and where can peeps see you play next?

We’re going to release two more songs in 2021, so keep your ears perked up! ‘Day Dreams’ will be out on streaming services on 10 March. We’re playing at Sol Bar on 5 March, Vinnies Dive on the Gold Coast on 11 March and Greaser Bar in Brisbane on 9 April. Pre-sales are available and all information regarding the shows will be available on social media. We’ve got a ripper set that we’ve been working hard on for the last year and we’re excited to share it with every one!

Day Dreams is out now on the usual channels. Pop over to OzTix for 11 March show tix.

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