Death Cafes

What is a ‘death café’?

A death café is a place where people come together to drink tea, eat cake, and talk about death.

The idea originated in the Swiss Cage Mortel movement and was then adopted for use in England by Jon Underwood in 2011. The ‘death café’ movement has since spread around the world.

Some people think that it sounds rather grim and macabre but actually, it’s not. Death cafés often set out menus of starters, mains, and desserts.

For ‘starters’ we might consider the following questions: “Cremation or burial? Nature taking its course or assisted suicide? Where would you like to be when you die?” These are all straightforward questions that are interesting and personal to our lives. Why shouldn’t we discuss these?

Next let’s look at the ‘mains’: “What things do you think make for a good death? What words do you want on your tombstone?”

These are a bit tougher and take us a little deeper into our beliefs and values. How would you answer them?

Finally there are ‘desserts’: “What song would you like at your funeral? How would you like to be remembered?”

I think these are the toughest questions of all. What song? There must be hundreds, but my favourite would have to be I Hear You Knocking.

Come along and try a death café. It might not be here the next time around.

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