Death Sentence for Shark Bar: hangin’ five with Thy Art is Murder

Metal lovers rejoice, Thy Art is Murder are charging furiously unto the breach once more. The globally recognised five-piece are bringing their ‘Death Sentence’ tour to the Gold Coast. Known for attracting both young death metal acolytes as well as older vintage thrashers, Thy Art is Murder’s unrelenting aggression on the stage and in the studio has made them a hallmark of heavy music worldwide.

Samantha Morris spoke to Andy Marsh (guitar) ahead of the band’s visit to the Gold Coast.

Your record ‘Holy War’ reached #7 on the ARIA Charts, which is the highest charting position for a domestic extreme metal act. Did you ever think you’d reach the mainstream charts?

We never thought we would, but we never really set out to get there either. It’s incredibly rewarding for us, but mostly it is cool for our families to have a statistic to pull out at parties and be proud of. It’s also great to represent heavy music in the charts, and hopefully give more attention to hard working underground bands.

You’ve been around for more than ten years. How has the metal scene changed over time? 

We aren’t entirely sure as we are always moving around and never exposed to one scene for too long before moving on. The exposure and loyalty we have been shown by our fans overseas has really opened our eyes to the culture of heavy metal and what it means to people. Its a lot more subdued in Australia and probably why genres like ours struggle to build fanbases.

You must have learnt a lot during that time. If you had one piece of advice for a deathcore / metal band just finding their feet, what would it be? 

Work harder than anyone else you know, determination is everything.

You’ve got a big following in the USA and Canada – as well as here at home. What’s the secret to connecting with those international audiences?

Writing songs that connect with audiences and relentless touring. We have been heading overseas at least three times a year for six years now and you need to work hard to gain those new fans and build a following. That plus some good old fashioned Aussie luck.

You’ve played some enormous stages across the world. When you come to the Gold Coast you’ll be playing Shark Bar, which is small in comparison. Do you need to do anything to turn down the energy levels and volumes, or do you just like blow those venues apart?

We love these kinds of club shows. We sold this venue out in the middle of last year and hopefully we did a good enough job then to warrant another one. These shows are great for connecting with the audience and give off a totally insane energy all of their own in a way you can’t get when there are a lot more people in a big space. We can’t wait! 

Thy Art is Murder will tear Miami Tavern apart on Friday 12 August.

IMAGE (c) Jake Owens


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