BANG ON: ​Deliver killer. Every time.​

I was recently at an Evol Walks gig when I was reminded of a fundamental characteristic of successful musicians the world over – be there 2, 20 or 200,000 people in the audience, creating a mind-blowing experience is critical to raising your profile and building your music business.

On 15 October, at Brisbane’s New Globe Theatre, Evol Walks did just that. Merely weeks before, these emerging Aussie rockers played to 200,000 people at Poland’s Woodstock Festival! Can you imagine the buzz? Fast forward to the New Globe, there were 50 punters, at the most.

That, as you can imagine, is quite a different vibe to perform in and presents one of the biggest challenges facing emerging artists day in, day out – how do you deliver a killer performance despite the energy (or lack thereof) in the room?

What made this clear to me, was a direct comparison to another band I saw the previous night. Now I won’t name this band, as I’m not about bagging people. But there is a point to me made. A lesson learned, if you will. I was very excited to see this band for the first time. I had heard great things and they’ve played a few high profile shows this year.

While I enjoyed the tunes, the performance was lacklustre. Of course, there could be many reasons for this – illness, fatigue etc. But the important thing is how it made me feel. As a potential fan, a music lover, I felt disconnected. Like I wasn’t worth the band’s effort to give what I imagined would be an in-your-face, energetic show if the room had been packed with people.

So I sat back and wondered if perhaps I was expecting too much.

Then Evol Walks happened.

They took the New Globe stage and… BLEW. MY. MIND.

In the interest of full disclosure, Evol Walks is a client of mine. And I couldn’t be prouder. This isn’t me opportunely promoting them. However, because of their absolutely full throttle, standout performance, they’ve created this opportunity for themselves.

It was a tough room. Fifty people, likely less. They’d just come from playing to some quarter of a million people for chrissakes! As a member of the audience that night, I wouldn’t have known the difference. They were confident, committed and connected. They brought the energy to the room, as opposed to looking to the room for energy to bounce off.

Now not only am I their publicist, I am a HUGE FAN and will do whatever I can to see a show of theirs, anywhere, anytime ‘cos I want me some more of that rock ‘n’ roll.

And that, is what delivering killer is all about. Every time.



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