Delta DJs at Scottish Prince

Not long ago they were sharing a stage with the Eagles of Death Metal, now they’re in the studio recording their fourth album. But what do The Delta Riggs get up to when they’re not touring and making music? Well some of the band lay claim to a share in both The Cambus Wallace and the Scottish Prince and this month that same pair are DJing a bunch of soulful classics and obscurities at one of the City’s best new venues. Samantha Morris gets the low-down from Monte (AKA Michael Tramonte).

Congrats on the new venue – The Scottish Prince. What motivated you guys to go and open another bar?

Thanks a bunch! We are all very stoked with how it’s turned out. With the Cambus Wallace, we were very green in the territory of owning and establishing a venue. We were a bunch of old pals that just went for something, as we were fed up of not having a venue anywhere around us that we wanted to sit and drink at. We took a lot of inspiration from Melbourne and Sydney and just went for it.  So four years later the opportunity came up to have another go, and having done this before we felt confident that we were able to use our knowledge of the past few years to really make this one pop. Enter the Scottish Prince!  

What sets it apart from The Cambus Wallace? 

It’s a very similar premise, both are named after ships that sunk off the coast of the GC. The theming is also very similar in the way we wanted them to be sister venues, speakeasy type places where you can’t really see what is happening inside. It’s part of that intrigue and discovery process. The main thing that sets it apart is the decor inside, the location and the size of the space. Plus, it has a full copper bar which is pretty dope.

Are you obsessed with shipwrecks? 

Ha! Yeah we have an affinity for demised wrecks. I vaguely remember It as potentially Nick (Davoren), who is one of the owners, coming up with the initial concept. He found a little slice Gold Coast history that a lot of locals were unaware of. It lends itself to a cool story and opens up a bit of cultural conversation that doesn’t pertain to Meter Maids and Iron Men. So we thought It was a great idea and ran with It. The Scottish Prince had a similar fate to The Cambus Wallace, so It was meant to be that we rolled on with the theme and now there are two more tales locals can tell about the Goldy. Win win. 

You and Elliott (Hammond) are both Delta Riggs and you have a DJ set coming up at the Scottish Prince. What has the band been up to and what’s on the horizon? 

Yeah they roped me in for a love job. We were overseas recently touring the US with Eagles Of Death Metal, that was a wild time for sure. Now we are knuckled down and writing for our fourth album. It’s been a long slog, but we love It. Hopefully we’ll be recording in the new year and off on the road again. Super pumped about what’s to come.

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Catch the Delta Riggs DJs AKA Monte and Elliott at The Scottish Prince, Wednesday 27 December

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