So nice we say it twice: Deluxe Deluxe comes to HOTA

The Gold Coast is set to house the country’s hottest ticket this July and August when comedic acro-burlesque and dance spectacular Deluxe Deluxe holds its world premiere at our very own HOTA, Home of the Arts.

Touted as a cheeky, eye-opening circus-cabaret, Deluxe Deluxe is the brainchild of the radically talented Scott Maidment, who last year brought Blanc to Blanc to our appreciative shores. A combination of spectacular old world glamour, burlesque, dance and acrobatics and featuring an international cast of cabaret superstars, Deluxe Deluxe is sure to leave Gold Coast audiences open-mouthed and on their feet. We opened our chat with Scott by asking how the show is different from Blanc de Blanc.

“Basically Blanc de Blanc is a great time on champagne,” he says, “but Deluxe Deluxe is taking old school vaudeville and revue routines and giving them a kind of millennial twist. So it’s all kind of with the music – the DJ drives the soundtrack – but it’s crazy stunts and some great dancing and some amazing circus artists from all over the world.”

Much like Blanc de Blanc, Deluxe Deluxe will bring together an international cast who are at the top of their game.

“I often say it’s a bit like having ingredients in a cake,” Scott tells us. “And that I’ve got great ingredients, and I’m the chef that mixes them in a bowl. It’s really exciting to have people from all around the world and a lot of the cast have never been to Australia, so it’s their first time to the GC.”

The casting process is fluid, says Scott.

“Some are people that I’ve met, some of the cast I’ve done other shows with, and because of YouTube and Instagram our shows are known all around the world, so we’re getting people sending us stuff. Every single day someone wants to be a part of the show, and we catalogue them and when it’s time to cast we see if their schedules work.”

So it’s a totally new cast, in a totally new venue. But one thing the team is definitely counting on to be the same is excited Gold Coast audiences turning up in droves once more.

“I think the thing is, [Blanc de Blanc] really belonged on the Gold Coast, people enjoyed the atmosphere, it was kind of a crazy party, fun times and the environment of the Spiegeltent made it amazing. We could probably come back and do another season but we’re just so excited to be jumping into HOTA with Deluxe Deluxe.”

Audiences will definitely be tasting some ye olde world flavours throughout the production.

“The music is definitely still catchy and beat-driven but it’s kind of got a bit of an old school flavour as well,” describes Scott.

“Between the twenties to the fifties, definitely. And you know one minute you’ll feel that you’re in an old school crooner vibe like Frank Sinatra but you might end up dancing to Beyonce by the end of the night.”

As for what he’s most excited about folks getting to see, Scott didn’t want to spoil the show for everyone. But he did drop us a little snippet.

“There’s going to be some AMAZING tap dancing in this show, and that’s a got a good link from the old school feel to something super modern and really funk-based. I think that’s something that audiences still love and they love the energy and percussion of tap dancing. There’s really some amazing comedy, too! I don’t want to give too much away, but the comedy elements will really drive Deluxe Deluxe.”

So come on down to HOTA during July, Gold Coast, and be part of something brand spanking new (with emphasis on the spanking).

Deluxe Deluxe runs from 4 to 29 July at HOTA, Home of the Arts. Tickets at

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