Diesel drops new EP in trilogy, plays Southport show

Oz rock legend Diesel is a name familiar to most long-term fans of Australian music, having performed and recorded for over 30 years. The man known to his mother as Mark Lizotte has certainly shown no signs of slowing down, with 2019 proving to be highly productive on a number of levels.

Earlier in the year he announced the commencement of his ‘Sunset Suburbia Trilogy’ of EPs, a series that he’s bringing out in the lead up to a new album in 2020. ‘Sunset Suburbia Volume II’ is coming out on 8 November, including a limited, signed and numbered 10-inch coloured vinyl edition. It consists of four new numbers in the ongoing trilogy series, including cracking new single, ‘In Reverse’.

Says Diesel of the inspiration that’s driving the project; “I wanted to make music in a different way than the usual album format, even though it’s an album that I’ll eventually arrive at. It’s been interesting to watch each EP take on its own form and flavour.”

And the final EP in the trilogy is already underway, to be released in the new year. Diesel discussed its genesis.

”I’m deep into it as we speak, doing the finishing touches, mixing etc. It’s been a different approach making these recordings, usually I have demos of some kind but this time I thought I would write and record in the studio.”

And with a full-length album with even more new material also not too far away, it’s clear that he’s in the middle of a particularly fertile period of creativity.

“There’s been quite a few things bottled up, probably due to the fact that the previous release was ‘Americana’, which was a covers album,” he tells us.

“That was also an inspiring project to do, but it’s nice to make some new original recordings.”

If that wasn’t enough, Diesel is also about to embark on a national tour, taking in 20 dates around the country, including a bunch of more ‘off the beaten track’ locations such as Corio and Goondiwindi, which he’s certainly looking forward to.

“I love getting to the regional spots. I think with internet access, smart phones etc, people are connected everywhere now and they seem to know what’s going on as much as city dwellers do, maybe even more. There is definitely less static in regional areas so it does make for a little more attention when we come to their area.”

Local Diesel fans will get the chance to catch him here on the Gold Coast, on 22 November, at RSL Club Southport. The upcoming shows certainly promise to be a jam packed extravaganza, for which Diesel is clearing relishing the thought of.

“With each new release the challenge of fitting what is now 17 albums in, gets a little harder and we inevitably always end up playing longer than what we’re supposed to play – but that’s OK! We love to play and if it takes a little longer to get to all the hits and a few new things too, that’s not a bad thing. I remember touring when it was just the one album, trying to fill out the set was a real challenge.”

Well that’s certainly not going to be a problem at his Gold Coast Show. We’ll leave it to the man himself to have the final word on how much he’s looking forward to playing for us. “I’ve had some great experiences playing the Gold Coast, from doing the Blues On Broadbeach outdoors to solo shows at Southport – the Gold Coast seems to love live music!”

Be sure to catch Diesel when he hits the stage and plays… and plays… on 16 November at the Southport RSL. He’ll also be playing the night before at The Triffid in Brisbane.

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