DIY Yoga: Handy Hints for Home Practice

Sometimes life gets way too busy and finding the time to get to to yoga class seems impossible. This doesn’t have to mean your practice stops, and actually when you are that busy you need yoga even more. What it means is developing a home practice. If this sounds a bit hard and a bit scary here are a few tips to help you maintain a practice when the studio is out of reach.

1. First understand that you use the time you have, your home practice doesn’t necessarily have to be an hour or the same length as your usual studio class. It’s ok to do less if you don’t have the time, just do something. If you have 15 minutes you can still move your body, focus on your breath for that time and give yourself many of the benefits of a yoga practice.

2. Clear a space in your home, office or garden. You don’t need much more space than the yoga mat itself. If you can’t permanently keep the space clear, make it easy and quick to do so. The harder it is to roll out the mat, the harder it will be to stay motivated. If you can make it an attractive or appealing space that’s even better.

3. Plan for it. Put your practice time into your diary or phone reminders. Make this time your time. Be realistic about when you place it in your day so you can make it non-negotiable.

4. Find a method that works for you. Find a great YouTube channel, subscribe to online yoga, have DVDs, voice recordings of classes or put your own sequence together. Whatever resonates with you, it is after all your practice.

5. Remember how good you feel after class. We all get distracted, tired and lazy at times, it’s easy to say ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’. When this mood comes over you just remember how much better the body feels, how much clearer the mind is and how much calmer you are after class. Think of your practice as a reward rather than a chore, or worse. As a teacher of mine says, ‘love yourself enough to do this’.

6. Enlist a friend. If you can coordinate schedules with a like-minded friend then do the practice together, nothing like a little accountability to help you stay motivated.

It may or may not be easy but it is more accessible than ever before to maintain your practice when life overtakes you. No it wont be the same as the studio class but it will be better than giving up completely. You will definitely thank yourself after each practice, high five yourself for making the effort too.

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