Awe-inspiring docos celebrating the natural world with HOTA

Over the last couple of months HOTA has been binge watching our way through Netflix, Stan and Prime. On the way they unearthed some unexpected treasures, but some pretty odd stuff too…Tiger King anyone?

But you know HOTA loves movies and they’ve really missed sitting in the dark, popcorn in hand, escaping the real world, so they jumped at the chance to bring you some of the good stuff, direct to your home.

HOTA has teamed up with their friends at Adventure Entertainment to bring you two amazing documentaries that you can enjoy from your sofa.

First up at 7.30pm on 16 May Warren Miller’s action packed Timeless is a beautiful ski and snowboard documentary that explores the enduring spirit of the winter season. You’ll be taken on a tour of some of the world’s top mountain locations in the company of Olympic mogul skier Jaelin Kauf and Canadian World Cup ski racer Erin Mielzynski, alongside industry veterans Glen Plake, Rob DesLauries, and Marcus Caston.

Don’t miss the Australian Premiere, online of course, of this incredible movie it will have you planning your next trip to the snow for once this is all over.

And on at 7pm on 8 June HOTA will be celebrating World Ocean’s Day by watching One Ocean Film Tour.

Hosted by Sea Shepherd, you’ll be taken on a spectacular visual journey through a series awe-inspiring films made by ocean-lovers, for ocean lovers. With a vision to protect our oceans these films celebrate the people who have dedicated their lives to the ocean and all her glory.

Tickets are $20 for each movie and can be purchased in advance here.

Buy tickets for Timeless on 16 May at 7.30pm here.

Buy tickets for Ocean Film Tour on 8 June at 7pm here

Please be advised that tickets cannot be purchased through HOTA and discounts for members and other concessions are not available.

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