Donavon Frankenreiter: Healthy, Happy and Here

After an absence of over three years, rootsy singer-songwriter Donavon Frankenreiter will be bringing his chilled, summery vibes and laid back grooves back to Australian stages again shortly.

The ex-pro surfer has long been a popular part of the Aussie live musical landscape, and his renowned love of hitting the waves has seen three shows scheduled for around these parts, including the Miami Shark Bar on Thursday, 22nd November.

In the lead up, the man himself filled us in on what’s been going down in his world, and what we can expect from him when he regales us with his presence again shortly..

Your last LP, ‘The Heart’, came out in 2015. Have you built up an arsenal of new songs since then? And is your record Label, Liquid Tambourine, still an ongoing entity?

Yes the record label is still going and I’m working on new songs and I am going to record a new album next year in April!!

It’s been a couple of years now since your last tour of Australia. What can we expect from you this time around when you hit our stages again during November?

I have a new band which is the best I’ve ever played with. And we have about nine albums out, so it’s fun to pick from all those records every night and see what the set list will become.

I see that you’ll be gigging at a few well known surf spots, including Byron Bay and here on the Gold Coast. Do you make a conscious effort to also follow the waves when you tour surf friendly places such as Australia?

No, but it’s definitely a bonus whenever we can surf before a show or have a beach day. It makes for a great show.

Are you planning on catching up with anyone special while you’re over here?

I’m looking forward to hanging with (Australian artist) David Bromley and his family. We are going to spend three days with them in Melbourne before the tour starts, painting and playing music.

How is 2019 shaping up so far in the world of Donavon Frankenreiter?

It’s all good, we’re looking forward to making a new record and staying healthy and happy!

Be sure to catch Donavon Frankenreiter when he tunes up and drops in at the following shows close by shortly:

Wednesday, 21 November: The Northern, Byron Bay

Thursday, 22 November: The Miami Shark Bar

Friday, 23 November: Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane.

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