Dracula’s: Resurrected

Who would have thought a Gold Coast dinner theatre would be one of the first live entertainment venues to re-open in Australia?

Gold Coast’s own Dracula’s Cabaret became a flickering pilot light for the entertainment industry in Australia when it reopened last year, resurrecting its blood-curdling nightly shows with ghoulish glee.

The Newman family, who own and operate the famed Dracula’s Cabaret, have faced many challenges since opening their first theatre in Melbourne in 1964 and incredibly they have had a live stage show operating every week of every year for 56 years, without closing a single week – until COVID-19 hit, and the theatre was forced to close for 17 weeks.

The forced closure prompted innovation of the product and the family-led team worked hard to deliver a reopening plan which saw them leading the way for a return to COVID safe entertainment.

In July 10 2020, the doors of the theatre re-opened to a reduced capacity of just over 200 instead of the regular 500 + seats and patrons are able to enjoy the show in their groups.

In addition, Dracula’s rose from the crypt with a brand new vampire variety show in tow, that will see the crew take their particular brand of bawdy revelry to the stage at The Palms, in Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

This travelling show, dubbed Dracula’s: The Resurrection Tour, will be unleashed on unsuspecting southern audiences with fan favorite and most requested acts, live rock music, sultry burlesque, jaw-to-the-floor costumes and razor’s edge comedy.

Luke Newman, Dracula’s Production Manager, is over the moon about the return to where it all began.

“We’re taking the full-on Dracula’s show experience on the road,” he exclaims.

“Get ready for some original kitsch hysteria, with our signature underground style of vaudeville. Melbourne, we’re back!”

The Entertainment Industry has a spotlight on Dracula’s who have been able to get cast and crew back to doing what they love – delivering world-class entertainment.

Entertainment-starved hordes are returning to fill the house each night from Thursday to Saturday, dying to slake their thirst for live shows, with record bar and souvenir sales attesting to the ongoing popularity of this long-running dinner cabaret.

Dracula’s have been able to open four days a week with now 100% capacity, with the team working tirelessly to make the venue COVID-safe for its guests.

Visit draculas.com.au/tour for bookings, and to find out more about the Melbourne touring show.

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